Weekly Comics Feed The Addiction

The beautiful thing about comics is that they are new every week.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of wonderful things about comics, but I think my favorite and least favorite thing about them have to do to with the serial aspect. Every single week – except when they’re on a break – there is a new piece of the story I am reading like an addict.

Take last week, for example. Over the summer I got completely and totally hooked on this wonderful comic Saga. No really, it’s great. I can meander my way through hundreds of drawn out conversations about the imagery, the art, the storytelling and the analogies that this comic is drawing, and I have done just that since I started read it.

Last week, after a break of three months with no new issues, Saga returned to the shelves of Bergen Street Comics.

I was so excited about it that I gushed on Twitter to the owner of the shop and asked him to pull a copy for me. He did.

Then I jumped on the subway after work and ran right out to the store without going home first and ran right to the new releases section and grinned at the three stacks of them sitting there, just waiting for me to take one.

Then one of the wonderful staff came up and handed me the copy that had been pulled for me and was behind the counter because I was a little over zealous and didn’t actually say hello as I walked in – I just ran for the pretty.

I proceeded to sit down, didn’t even take off my coat, and read the new issue cover to cover in the store.

Okay this was partly because I was waiting for my friend Ali because we were going out for dinner, but regardless. I didn’t even take off my coat, people.

This must have been what readers in Dickens’s time felt like, right? When novels were serialized, and you had to wait for the next installment in order to know what, exactly, Jacob Marley meant when he told Scrooge he’d be visited by three spirits?

I love the excitement and the anticipation that comes with the serialization. It feels so much more natural than the ridiculous hype that happens when a sequel is coming out and booksellers just want to wring me dry of my pennies with hard cover editions, special gimmicks and the like. I’d rather have regular serialization so that I can savor the story that much longer.

Image via Comics Alliance

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