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If you have two eyes and a TV, chances are you caught Madonna’s performance during Sunday night’s Super Bowl halftime show. While the reactions were mixed, we thought it was absolutely brilliant, and there’s no denying that Madonna is a true legend. In addition to incredible songs (she’s sold more than 64 million albums worldwide), she shows her diva status with flawless choreography and a stage presence that’s unparalleled in the music world. No other female artist even comes close!

While we couldn’t include all of Madonna’s hits in the list below (seriously, think about it!), we’ve compiled a few of our favourites from which to choose. Which of this songbird’s singles soothes your speakers and excites your eardrums? Vote now! Don’t see your choice in the poll? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  1. Her performance was amazing, she will never be old fashioned :D

  2. The Immaculate Collection was the best album EVER! :)

  3. Madonna’s 90s era “Frozen” made me a fan all over again. :)

  4. It was amazing. I THINK* the new song was great, but ‘Like A Prayer’ will always be my favorite

  5. It was amazing. I the new song was great, but ‘Like A Prayer’ will always be my favorite.

  6. it’s like picking favourite children D:

  7. I know someone who used to have the 12″ of ‘Into the Groove’ and she just used to jam! :)