We Could Use a Few Less "Mean Girls" And a Few More Rachel Crows

Bullies. They suck. They have always been among us and unfortunately, probably always will be. When we’re young, every interaction has the weight and intensity of the asteroid from “Armageddon.” Few of us master the art of “brushing it off” before hitting our twenties, which makes the teen years especially unfair. We can’t fully understand how little the words of bullies matter to our self-worth until we’re older. We also can’t see how empty and sad the people that bully others, truly are. Bullies are insecure, pathetic individuals. If you are targeted, it’s because you stand out. Bullies hate that. They are not okay with people who steal the attention they so desperately need in order to feel sane.

Columbia Records and Syco Music are pleased to announce the release of Rachel Crow’s self-titled EP on June 26 via all digital service providers.  A fan favorite and darling among The X Factor judges, fourteen-year old Rachel moved Simon Cowell to predict that audiences would be “hearing a lot more about her.”  This five-foot wonder is ready to make good on that promise.The songs on the EP were produced by top music hit makers including Toby Gad (Beyoncè, Fergie), Matt Squire (One Direction, 3OH!3) and Jonas Jeberg (The Wanted, Pussycat Dolls).The release features the powerful song, “Mean Girls,” which Rachel co-wrote along with producer Toby Gad. Written after just three days in the studio, the lyrics of Mean Girls” speak to rising above social pressures and celebrating individuality. Crow says of the song, “I really want [“Mean Girls”] to not only inspire kids who have been bullied, but I also hope to inspire the kids that do the bullying to stop that behavior.”

The more attention this subject gets, the better off we all are. The more awareness we can raise, the less power bullies have. Check out this beautiful song by Rachel Crow. Enjoy! And spread the word.

Rachel Crow will be hitting the road with Big Time Rush on their “Big Time Summer Tour,” debuting songs from her EP. The tour will begin July 5th in Columbus, OH (click here for full dates). A special edition of the EP will be available for purchase on tour.

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