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If you want to know a sentence that you can utter to make me automatically judge the type of human being you are, try this one on for size: “I don’t like the taste of water”. There are so many things wrong with this statement that I don’t know where to begin. It sends my mind reeling and truly baffles me.

Please do me, you, and Mother Earth (love you, gurl!) a favour and don’t even go there. Like, I’m sorry? Your body is 70% H2O. It needs water to function – from your immune system to your digestive tract to your skin, water is where it’s at. Don’t get me wrong – y’all know I love my diet soda and iced coffee like anyone else. But I also realise the importance of proper hydration and am not trying to get kidney stones, either. Water balances the electrolytes in your body, removes impurities and basically without it, you die.

I don’t even really get the argument about not liking the “taste” of water – after all, it has a neutral taste at “worst” (unless you’re drinking some contaminated junk) and a delicious one at best. There’s nothing tastier than a tall glass of ice cold water on a hot day, I don’t care what you say.

Also, bottled water is for chumps. Of course, if you’re at the airport or out and about, you may need to grab a SmartWater or something to take with you. But generally, if you live in the US, chances are that you’re lucky enough to have access to clean, safe tap water. That probably doesn’t seem like a luxury but really is. Lots of countries are still fighting to provide safe drinking water to its citizens, which is insane, if you think about it. The fact that we have an unlimited supply of this vital liquid that won’t give us cholera or any other bacterial infection is something to be thankful for.

This is a pet peeve that I didn’t even realise I cared so much about until I started writing this. Theoretically it shouldn’t even bother me as much as it does, especially since I fancy myself a “live and let live” type of girl. But I’ve become one of those bizarre converts to the power of water since I started drinking more of it myself. Seriously, guys – don’t be a clown, drink it down! (I just made that up, so don’t try to steal it.)

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  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    It’s so true though, I am SO guilty of saying: “I hate the taste of water.”. Maybe it’s just the lack thereof lol! I just got a new fridge with a built-in filter for the water, which is AWESOME! I have definitely lived where the tap water is just horrific. We once poured bottled water in one glass and tap water in another then let them sit in the kitchen for a few days to see what settled at the bottom. It’s astounding how much cleaner the bottled water was. I don’t have a problem with filtered tap but never again am I drinking regular tap! EW! Cheers for the article Jen! ::clinks glass of water to hers::

  • Becca Sands

    I COMPLETELY agree! I get kidney stones, so I have learned to love water. Not that I ever didn’t like it, I just always picked teas or sodas over something that was, you know, good for me. I especially hate when people add flavor packets to their water. It irks me. And now I’m all annoyed and only have you to blame. Thanks.

    (no but seriously, I loved this post.)

  • Rebecca Lynn

    I feel ya. I drink water constantly, and I really do not understand people who say they don’t like the taste. I just took a sip of my water which is always beside me, and all I tasted was cold. No, it’s not cold sugar or cold fake sugar (and I’m with you here on this too; I love my diet soda), but it’s just cold. And cold is delicious.

  • Beth Curry

    I think the water where I live doesn’t taste too nice and we don’t own a filter or anything, but when I’m out and about I like to buy bottled water – it’s really refreshing and has no taste.

  • Adeline Flutterby

    I love water. I don’t think it tastes like anything though. It tastes refreshing, but that’s not even a flavor.

  • Nicole Ramos Nesson

    I easily down a a gallon or two of the good stuff every day – if not, I feel it. I love me some H2O

  • sophia

    girl, i wish i loved water. i never want to be your pet peeve. i like you way too much. I WILL TRY

  • Andrea Kiliany Thatcher

    This just seems mean. To absolutely not accept another person’s opinion of how something tastes, and just act like you don’t believe their opinion they have every right to have seems obnoxious. You don’t have to BELIEVE it, it’s an opinion! While I try to drink water every day, there are times when water just makes me plain nauseated, especially in the morning. There’s nothing I can do about this! I drink healthy alternatives like natural sweetened teas. _I_ can’t understand how anyone can drink chemical-laden diet sodas, and hate the “taste” of pretty much all of them. I mean, people have different taste buds and everything from the tap source to the glass it’s in (I swear I can taste when a glass has been hand washed, which I know makes me sound crazy) affects the taste of water. Not liking the taste doesn’t mean we don’t understand the facts about water and how good it is for us and most of us still choke it down, but it’s a chore every single day. I feel positively discriminated against by this post!

    • Jen Weasley

      I think that point is that water has no taste, which is why the statement “I don’t like the taste of water” is a silly one. How can you have an opinion on the taste of something tasteless? The answer: you can’t. You may like other liquids better because they have a taste that you actually like (juice, tea, booze, etc), but saying you don’t like the taste of water doesn’t make any sense. Granted, that also doesn’t mean people will stop saying it. The point is, people should probably look for another excuse to not drink water besides the nonexistent taste. I can sympathize with the nausea as an excuse.

    • Martha Shaffer Golea

      I’m with Andrea on one point- water may not have a particular taste aside from “refreshing” but it definitely leaves room for tasting whatever it’s contained in. Not that that stops me- I’d rather drink water out of my brother’s nasty 10 year old Nalgene bottle than drink a soda any day but she’s right that it does take on the flavor of its container. Maybe only people with super-sensitive noses can tell the difference (like Andrea & myself) but really, it’s true. If my husband does our dishes our filtered tap water tastes like the wonky towel he used, if I get water at a restaurant it tastes like the inside of an industrial dishwasher. I’m not saying I feel discriminated against, just want y’all to know there is another side to the story. I’m sure we’re in a minority, though. :)

  • Megan Mohler

    Girl, I feel ya! irks me. If you don’t like your tap water get a brita filter, keep it in the fridge, and its always chilled, clean and delicious.

  • Caragh Poh

    Ricky Gervais once said he couldn’t drink water because it was “too boring” and I like, fell off my chair because THAT IS THE EXACT SAME WAY I FELT ABOUT WATER. I was not a water drinker until sometime last year when I picked up the habit and now it’s the only thing I drink when I’m at home.

  • Kayla Queen

    it helps if you have a cool water bottle like this one!

    they didn’t pay me to say that either. i drink so much more water since i bought this one. i hated the aluminum ones because it made the water smell like metal and made a weird echo-y noise when the water sloshed around. call me crazy, but that’s hella-annoying. lol. anyway. go h2o!

  • Alan Harris

    You make some really good points about the availability (or lack there of) of clean water in other part of the world, but even in the U.S. we have some areas where the local water source while safe is less than desirable. Next time you are in central Florida see if you can drink the tap water. You might also enjoy the following post:

  • Ratchet Lawz

    This article kind of annoys me. While, in theory water might not have a “taste”, there are certainly things that add to the taste.

    I’m a big water drinker, apart from juice it’s the only thing In drink. I often buy bottled water when I’m out and there’s a definite difference between some brands (for instance I can’t stand Vittel… I don’t know why).
    And tap water seems to taste different, too. The tap water at my house is perfectly fine… Does it’s job. The tap water at one of my friends house is SO DELICIOUS!

    I also take medication off and on, this particular medication makes me feel nauseous at even the thought of water. I still manage to drink it though, by combining it with fruit juice. A slice or two of watermelon juiced with a juicer added to half a litre of water makes a nice refreshing flavoured water!

    PS, I’m from the UK so things might be different here

  • Jennifer Hilton

    I don’t agree that bottled water is for chumps. I love water, but I am in Texas and the tap water in Texas tastes awful. You HAVE to filter it or drink bottled water. Also just because it comes out of the faucet does not guarantee it’s cleanliness or safety.

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