Watching ‘Real Housewives of Orange County' tonight? Chat with Leslie Grossman and Ed Hansen about it tomorrow!

The Real Housewives of Orange County is the “O.G.” flagship of the entire Real Housewives franchise. This means that regardless of whether I love New Jersey or Atlanta more, or whether America loves New Jersey or Beverly Hills more (via the ratings), I must pay a certain level of respect and homage to the Orange County wives since they were the original precursors of all the others.

Way back when, before Catty was cool, the O.C. ladies were throwing shade and snark with seasoned, siliconed, spray tanned, blond expertise (and ambition). Opening up their homes and their lives, they invited Bravo and America behind the iron gates to capture exactly what it was like to be blond and affluent and “Christian” in conservative Orange County. While ratings may not be in their favor, the O.C. housewives are the seniors of the Real Housewives High School. And trust me when I say that things are always very “high school” on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

With all of this in mind, I am very excited to document the drama of this show and I couldn’t be more excited to have gossip sessions about RHOC with my girl Leslie Grossman. Some of you may recognize the beautiful, talented and wickedly hilarious Leslie Grossman from her iconic role as Mary Cherry on the cult hit, Popular,  while others may know her from her W.B. role as Lauren on What I Like About You. Some of you might just want to IMDB her, because the lady is ubiquitous and talented and she’s done a little bit of everything.

I first saw Leslie in her role as Mary Cherry on Popular, and it was love at first sight. One day I was blogging about how much I live and breathe Leslie Grossman, not realizing we had a mutual friend in common; as they say, the rest is history. After appearing as my guest star in the HelloGiggles storytelling event,”The Real on Reality”, I discovered that Leslie is a serious reality television addict (like no one is checking her reality television addiction, boo). Specifically, Leslie’s main addiction is The Real Housewives of Orange County, and Leslie herself will tell you that she adores Vicky Gunvalson, and I admire that kind of admiration.

Coming together again, Leslie and I will be co-hosting the weekly HelloGiggles UStream “That Hot Housewives Goss” Every Wednesday at 7pm, Leslie and I will unite to gossip about the housewives (“that hot goss”), as well as to answer any questions or comments any of you have about the RHOC. Frankly, Leslie and I couldn’t be more excited or emotional about discussing all things O.C.! From the antics of Vicky Gunvalson and whether Gretchen and Slade will make it to whether Tamra and Gretchen will ever be able to bury the hatchet, Leslie and I will be bursting with enthusiasm to dissect and reflect on that O.C. drama.

If you are a fan of O.C., me or Leslie, be sure to check us out. We promise it’ll be the best hump day ever!

Join us on Wednesday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST to discuss the show and send your questions to with the subject line “Real Housewives UStream” and Leslie and I will be sure to answer them!

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