Watch This Prechool Tap Dancer Steal The Show

Well, looks like someone had their GoGo Juice! This tiny dancer had so much energy, she couldn’t stop herself from going all out. At some point, she decided it should be a team effort and tried to wrangle in homegirl to the left, but she wasn’t having it.

This is how I imagine Tyler The Creator as a kid.

  • Terra Pfund Kroll

    aaah I love how she blows a kiss at the end :)

  • Bee Mtz

    she is clearly super talented and super confident! someone get her a dancing super scholarship now!

  • Lila Brock

    amazingly energetic! love her!

  • Angelica Maldonado

    I hope my future kids are as cool a she is someday.

  • Corey Tess Trujillo

    Sometimes you are so busy trying to do something perfectly that you miss out on the fun – i think she just decided – to heck with following the teacher – i am just going to crush it with my style! My kind of girl! :)

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