Videos Watch This Little Dancer WERK Blaire Bercy

Yaaaas giving you life, hunny! Watch 10-year-old Kaycee Rice werk.

This child could show Miley a thing or two.


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  1. I didn’t think the dancing is as much of an issue as the clothes she is wearing. If it isn’t supposed to be a sexual dance, then why the sexy clothes? That is a TINY shirt and some bootylicious shorts. I understand tight clothing for dancers, but there really isn’t much fabric here.

    That being said, killer moves!

  2. Being a self-proclaimed feminist, I still find this video a little inappropriate. I definitely agree that this girl can dance really well! There’s no argument there. I sure as heck couldn’t even complete two moves from this routine, as I have the coordination of a tumbleweed. But I still felt uncomfortable watching it. I agree that she should be able to express herself in ways that she chooses but I feel it’s still necessary to have some sort of limitation on that.

    Not to blow it out of proportion, but that’s why there are statutory rape laws; sure, a minor may think they want to have have sex or engage in sexual activities with an older someone who shows them attention, but it doesn’t make it right nor appropriate to act on those feelings. In the same way, a girl may want to express herself through dance but considering her age, in my own opinion I feel it’s appropriate to rein in the sexuality of certain routines and moves.

    On the other hand, it’s not like I’m being forced to watch this video. And if people really are extremely offended by it rather than just a bit uncomfortable, then just don’t watch it.

    • This girl is using a style of dance called krumping, within a mixture of other styles. It’s a forceful, thrashing dance that was created in inner city populations to deal with the stress that the child/teen populace feels. Instead of joining gangs, stealing, or acting out, they get together and dance on a regular basis.

      This dance is meant to be a release of erratic emotion, not part of an innuendo for sexual exploitation.

      • Definitely. And that’s really cool!… For someone appropriately aged. I’m not a part of the dance community, but to me this still reads as a bit too sexual for a 10 year old. Just because I wanted to wear a micro mini-skirt when I was 8 or 10 to express my girlie-ness and femininity doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate to do so. Of course I didn’t want to wear one to be provocative, I just thought they were cute. BUT that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t look provocative or attract unwanted attention. I think some loose boundaries are in place for a good reason.

        And I totally agree that different forms of dance are symbolic of different emotions and psychological processes. However, one can’t deny that krumping and twerking BOTH have roots in sexual emotions and sexual actions. And that’s ok! Expressing one’s sexuality is a key part of the human experience…. but only when it’s relevant to one’s age.

        I’m not attacking the actual dance. To me, exotic dancing is an art form and it can be entertaining, beautiful, and exciting to watch. What I don’t agree with, however, is the age of this particular performer. It’s out of place and unnecessary.

        • I’m just curious, what kind of unwanted attention are you talking about? Pedophiles, for example, don’t need a child to dance in a front of an audience for them to feel attracted. They will feel that way on a regular basis, no matter what the child is wearing/doing because of their mental disorder.

          Like I said in my previous post, the only people sexualizing this dance are the people who relate it to sex, or perceive it to be sexual. The performer obviously doesn’t, nor is she trying to seduce the audience. Being able to relay this kind of skill is impeccable for a 10 year old, and I don’t believe that just because she is young means that she should be restrained from particular types or styles of dance.

          • I can certainly see your side of it. And by unwanted attention, I mean any negative attention: male, female, old, young, sexualized or non-sexualized. I’m not talking specifically about pedophiles. What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter if she meant it to be sexual or not. And yes, it may be that society is projecting sexualization onto this particular performance but that is what this dance has been mainly attributed to. It’s not like this sort of dance routine is normally performed by nuns and children. It’s not a dance that’s *meant* to be innocent. It’s a routine that has a lot of heavy emotion and sexual symbolism, no matter which way you argue it and for a child to be performing (no matter how well) it *feels* wrong.

            I would have to disagree that her age should restrict her from certain art forms. That’s why you have movie ratings, content ratings on music, and other restrictions based on age. I understand that there is no chance on earth to keep this girl from seeing these things (and I wouldn’t want to do that anyway) but actually engaging in such activities – even in the form of dance – is different and should be a little more censored.

            And I never mentioned her clothing choice, and don’t really have a problem with it. Having a college degree in Theatre and Performing Arts, I understand the idea of costume and the overall illusion it helps create in a performance. When I referenced the mini-skirt, I was talking about myself personally. :P

            • It’s funny that you mention the ratings on music, considering Kids Bop tends to take all the popular hits, no matter what the content rating. They leave out the swear words, sure, but the content of the song is still there, which has very sexual references that are prevalent to a sexually-instilled audience.

              This girl is dancing for the purpose of demonstrating her skills as a dancer. Nothing more.

          • Also. dancers need to wear very tight-fitting, small clothes. Have you ever seen a ballerina’s leotard? This girl is covering more then a two piece bikini, and I’m sure she’s wearing underwear. :p

  3. I know some people are “uncomfortable” with the way this girl dances, but in my opinion, females, no matter their age, should be able to express themselves in however they feel fit.

    This girl isn’t being sexual or suggestive, it’s -you- who are categorizing her by your perception of how you believe that “females” should behave or not behave. And that, in itself, is what women have been fighting against for ages, the ability to be themselves without overbearing prosecution, or limiting factors.

    Dance is dance. She’s not at a strip club entertaining men, she is in a safe environment, showing her prowess, endurance. and skill in something she loves to do.

  4. Ugh. That was really creepy. I made it about twenty seconds in. … Ugh.

    • Oh you’re all ditch digging gutter fuck perverts? I saw a dancer. My bad. You guys must be right. It’s her fault you’re unable to differentiate dance from sex. Cool story bro. Seriously End Your Lives. The world doesn’t need you anymore. NOW people can do anything and whether it comes from one thing or seems one way to your narrow minded assbackwards ways. It can be beautifully and artistically done. In fact – it can just be done well. Enjoy the one room you’ve all locker yourself in. This kid can dance and she can dance well. Wierd how fat slobs seem to be the main ones that have a problem…

    • Oh you’re all ditch digging gutter fuck perverts? I saw a dancer. My bad. You guys must be right. It’s her fault you’re unable to differentiate dance from sex. Cool story bro. Seriously End Your Lives. The world doesn’t need you anymore. NOW people can do anything and whether it comes from one thing or seems one way to your narrow minded assbackwards ways. It can be beautifully and artistically. In fact – it can just be done well. Enjoy the one room you’ve all locker yourself in. This kid can dance and she can dance well. Wierd how fat slobs seem to be the main ones that have a problem…

  5. If the dance’s origin is inappropriate, as was mentioned that the twerk comes from Atlanta strippers, then don’t teach the young dancers to do those moves. There are many other hip-hop forms that the kid can learn besides jutting her lady parts out at the crowd. People say this isn’t wrong, but when she gets to middle school dances and dances to the music like that, she’s going to be attracting a lot of male attention. Regardless of if she knows or thinks it is sexual.

  6. While yes, adults see sexuality in the movements, what she is doing is a highly technical style called krump. She performs at a very technical level, and I’m actually highly impressed. Many dancers struggle with the raw aggression and abandon this style requires, not to mention the physical exertion. I completely agree with Carl’s post above.

  7. A 10 year old girl shouldn’t even KNOW HOW to dance like that *shakes head*
    Her aptitude for dance should be encouraged through jazz, tap or ballroom, elegant and more skill full mediums and then when she’s older if she still wants to dance provocatively she can.
    I honestly have never understood what goes through a parents mind (other than money) when they allow their children to perform in these ways.
    Yes she talented, but did it need to be in this way?
    At 10 years old my mum wouldn’t even let me wear red nail polish because it was too grown up.

    • If you think that this style of dance isn’t skillful or technical, you really need to pay closer attention to this video. And this video is from a competition. As someone who was a competitive dancer at that age, I can tell you money is the last thing from the parents’ minds because dancing at that age doesn’t make any money and costs a buttload of it. But it lets out emotion, it’s healthy, and this girl is obviously passionate. In reference to the dance moves, they can be sexual in a certain context, and that context is absent in this dance.

  8. She is a fantastic dancer! I hope she keeps going and good on her she obviously really enjoys it. This is not provocative this is dancing where you’re supposed to use your body, and people should acknowledge that! People need to realise that this is her art, she’s not being sexual, she is a dancer.

  9. I have no problem with this performance. To me, this dance isn’t controversial at all. She probably spent years training. I am not a mother myself, but I do have a young niece. To me, if she worked hard to be the best at this routine, it doesn’t matter if the outfit is revealing. What matters is her happiness and self-esteem.

  10. Wow… I am so torn here, because she clearly has a wonderful talent. But I couldn’t even make it through 10 seconds without feeling uncomfortable. That dance style is highly sexualized, and I can’t even imagine what was going through her mother’s mind when she approved the dance (or if she even did that to begin with). I wish they had showcased this amazing dancer in something more age-appropriate…

    • She is clearly super talented, but I felt very uncomfotable watching her. So much thrusting and sexualized choreography for such a young girl… just could not get through it. There is no denying her skills, though!

    • Stef Danger Howerton – Wow, I couldn’t agree with you more… I was horrified but amazed at the same time… they should definitely showcase her awesome talent with something more age appropriate. This was way too sexualized for a 10 year old little girl. Objectifying children like this is part of the reason we have pedophiles!

      • Pedophiles are people with a serious mental illness. It can be diagnosed, but is incurable. There is in no way a child dancing for an audience creates pedophiles.

  11. It’s like the majority is saying. No denying her skills, but the outfit & moves were so inappropriate her parents should be put away for allowing this! Would rather watch a drag queen doing the exact same dance! :|

  12. Honestly the people making comments about how sexualized this 10 year-old is are the ones who are sexualizing it period. Yes, this girl has her midriff showing, and yes, her shorts are quite short, but is that all you noticed? The talent for God’s sake is amazing on this girl; her dance moves were not at all “provocative”, they were powerful, did anyone else notice how much energy and force she was putting into the dance? Not to mention the lyrics and context of the music she was dancing to. This dance as a whole was an excellent contender for girl power. If her appearance made me think of anything or anyone, it was Gwen Stefani, one of the strongest, most confident women in the music business there is today. Gwen has always showed some skin, but to show off a powerful, feminist appeal, not sex appeal. Come on, guys, instead of shaming the girl/dance coach for the “over-sexualization”, let’s applaud the talent and dedication that I’m sure was put into this dance.

    • I disagree completely. If you read the comments, you see that almost everyone makes note of her obvious talent.

      Additionally, while these dance moves may very well be powerful and well-energized, they are also highly suggestive. Last time I checked, repeated hip thrusting, be it performed by a 2 year old or a 200 year old, is a sexualized motion.

      Finally, the difference between this girl and Gwen Stefani is that Gwen is an adult, and such dance moves are more appropriate for her. Your argument is invalid.

      • Stef, what makes her dance moves suggestive? Dance is an art, and art cannot be defined. That is something that your mind concluded, her dancing did not give you that information, you came up with that on your own. Now, I am not at all by any means suggesting that your mind is in the gutter, but like Carl, by reading the comments beforehand, going into viewing this video I separated general sexual appeal from the dance itself. In turn, I didn’t find it to be sexual at all. Instead, I watched a girl who already knows at a young age how empowered women can be.

        And yes, I understand that Gwen is a good thirty years older than this girl, but I referenced Gwen because of I was reminded of what she stands for, women empowerment. You disagree with my comparison between the two because you believe I think it’s okay that both Gwen and this girl can show skin and have “such dance moves”. You think that I am comparing the appearance; I am not. That is the entire point of my comment in the first place. An immediate jump to her appearance makes for an immediate jump to the sexual appeal you think she possesses.

        …and just because you disagree with me, that does not make my argument invalid in the least bit.

      • To your sexually awake mind? Yes, it may be considered to be a move that is sexualized. For her? I wouldn’t be so sure. One of the first things we do as children is imitate the world around us, and that kind of stuff is on MTV all the time. She sees it, imitates it, and therefore has no sexual connotations for her in her brain. It’s you and the other people here who infer it.
        I’d have to agree with lots of people here, in some ways though. Her talent is incredible, and undeniable and I really hope she keeps it up. But I’ve always hated the way girls of that age are made up for beauty pageants and talent shows because then then it is parents sexualising the image of their children, which just isn’t on. Would this dance be different if she was wearing longer shorts and a bigger top? Probably not. But again, is this something her parents dress her like or that she has seen elsewhere and wants to imitate? For me, the dance doesn’t bother me because I can separate that part of my brain and see that she is just very good at what she’s doing. But the clothing is another matter. Mind you, if you go to a beach or a pool, are you likely to see different? And again, is that parental or external influence?

        • No one is saying SHE is making the move sexual. But I fail to see how this is any different than the parents subjecting their daughters to pagentry. She’s still dolled up, overly bare (for performing in front of people) and doing a suggestive dance. It’s not about her innocence, rather the fact that people with perverse minds will find it. Your job as a parent is to protect your child(ren) from predators of any sort and while the little girl is beyond talented, this objectifies her. The moves are sexual, I would get the side-eye from people if I did this and I’m an adult with 4 children of my own. The kids may not be aware of the way their moves are viewed, but the parents most certainly are. And yes, I know you’d see people wearing less at the beach and she’s probably seen these things on tv and videos. That’s the reason there are recommendations for viewing age, my kids don’t watch music videos unless I know what’s in them nor do I allow shows that are suggestive or inappropriate so they’re allowed to remain children and maintain their innocence.

      • I agree with you 100% Stef. I have an almost 8 year old, and even though he’s a boy and not a girl, from the perspective of a mother, and the aunt of an adorable and beautiful niece… it offends me that anyone would let a girl of this age dance like she’s inviting the boys into her pants.

        • And Jessie, in my opinion, we shouldn’t be as adamant to keep girls from “inviting the boys into [their] pants” as much as we should to keep boys from over-sexualizing girls in the first place, much like many people are doing in response to this video.

  13. I don’t have a problem with embracing one’s sexuality, and being proud of it, but I do wonder as other readers have commented, whether this dance was appropriate for a girl her age. She is obviously talented, and beautiful, but I at least did not have the desire to dance provocatively at such a young age, and that makes me nervous. I don’t think that we (adults) should be allowed to watch and encourage our children in sexual performances; it seems like it would be more for the pleasure of the viewer than the girl herself.

  14. Completely inappropriate. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Sexualizing children is always wrong. Always.

  15. WOW. I am amazed by this little girl’s talent! I do agree that it’s completely inappropriate for a girl of her age to be dancing like this. But she really is an amazing dancer!

  16. this is really perverted. someone dressed a 10 year old girl up in provocative clothing and taught her to dance like a stripper. why is this okay?

  17. Full frontal twerking by a 10 year old. Twerking the dance that originated by Atlanta strippers, showcased in rap and hip-hop music videos in 2002. Way to go, America. Way to go! Maybe for her next solo she can incorporate moves from Ludacris’ ‘P-Poppin’ or Nelly’s ‘Tip Drill’ videos.

    I dunno.

    • I came back to see if any other comments were made and I clearly forgot to add that yes this kid is talented! Very much! She’s clearly been dancing for a long time! She’s 10 and had more muscle in her legs than I do! She’s very, very good but for the love… be real! She’s twerking! She’s 10. It’s just not cool. I wonder how people would feel if she had a partner and did the Lambada.

      Look up Alyson Stoner. Super talented kid. She didn’t have to twerk in Missy Elliott or Eminem’s videos.

  18. This was amazing! She is so talanted! And people have commented about her clothes being to “provocative” and “inappropriate”, but she is 10. She should be able to do this dance naked if she wanted without there being anything sexual about it. She is not being provocative or sexual, grown-ups are putting that on her.
    If a boy dancer danced around in shorts, would you have the same problems with the dancing?

    • Personally, I couldn’t care less about the clothes; it’s the dance style that is completely inappropriate for her.

      • Since when is hip hop inappropriate? Err you guys on here are dumber then rocks. Elvis presley was the first to start swaying his hips on stage and everyone flipped out and said it was sexual. It wouldn’t have been sexual if people didn’t have dirty minds to think of that. When I was ten I was shaking my booty and having fun. This girl learned an awesome routine and im sure she got first place at the competition she was at. Also her clothes are not just clothes, they are a costume put together for a performance. Stop thinking about the age or sexuality.

    • Clearly you do not have female children.

      There is no doubt that routine was challenging and required skills, which this 10 yo girl clearly has, but it *IS* too provocative. Do you understand ‘werk’, ‘twerk’ meanings? Everything about this routine is provocative. This is not appropriate in any place except a strip club.

      I see you are Danish. I lived in Europe for 8 years and understand the cultural differences and attitude about naked bodies. I agree that the body is beautiful but sexual behavior and mimicry of sexual behavior in a 10 yo is inappropriate. Period.

      • I totally agree with everything you said. I may not be the mother of a little girl, I in fact have an almost 8 year old son… but I do have a beautiful niece and I would be highly offended if anybody wanted her to dance like that. It’s not even so much the clothes that bother me… it’s the hip thrusting and the shaking her ass at the audience that I find very disturbing. Some parts of the dance weren’t too bad, but many parts disturbed me on so many levels. Objectifying children like this is one of the biggest reasons we have child predators… pedophiles. This is the kind of stuff those sick people like to watch and get off on and the thought of that utterly disgusts me. This is wrong. 100% wrong. Although admittedly she has a super great talent, but it should be better suited on age appropriate dancing.

  19. As entertaining as that was to watch, I’d have some serious problems with it if that were my 10yo girl. It’s overtly provocative — the way she’s dressed, shaking her ass, and spreading her legs like that… and then putting it on YT for all the world to see.

  20. She has serious skills, but couldn’t she have done this all in an outfit more appropriate for a ten year old? I stop enjoying her talent and start worrying more about the appropriateness of her attire and some of her moves not long into the video. Keeping things more “her age” would bring the focus back to her skill. She has plenty of time when she gets older to worry about being seen as sexy. Why start now when she’s still innocent?