Watch This Baby Sing Elvis Presley Like A Diva In The Car

Ella Mae likes 2 things. Elvis, and her daddy. Watch this baby (she’s not even 2 years old) sing along with the recording of An American Trilogy filled with emotion and feeling.

Work it, Ella!


  • Hugo Ismael Ruiz

    OMG she’s so cute!!! *_*

  • Chandra Aultman Vaught

    Amen little sister…..AMEN! I love this!

  • Penny Benitez-Exner

    I love the way the baby interacted with her Daddy the whole song !!!
    She made me :) smile …

  • Rachel Barlow

    Like. A. Boss

  • Mike Zellers

    She’s a little cute. I guess.

  • Catherine Bruno

    Dawww!! I love kids. :)

  • Tatiana Daugherty

    My favorite was “Hi, Daddy” and “Get ready!” near the end. Too cute.

  • Jessica Wylie

    Omg, so cute!!

  • Meg Bloom

    How wonderful! I hope that she retains such joy throughout her life! What a doll. Cheers to “Daddy”-how obvious he is a terrific father!

  • Daniel Loeken

    Despite what the girl is singing or not singing, it is very apparent as a young father that he spends a tremendous amount of time with her or she would not be so joyful to her father. To the men out there that do not spend time with their children when they could, there is no love that is as pure as the love that you have with your child., I don;t have a daughter but my son thinks i am the shit no matter what but i earned that by being with every moment that i am not at work. obviously so have you

  • Doublezc Zoe

    This is so cute! Genius baby~

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