Watch This 2-Year-Old And Her Mom Break It DOWN To Beyoncé

This is adorable. Mom, Tianne King, is a professional dancer/ instructor in Atlanta and baby, well, she gets it from her mama.

Watch this little cutie-pie try to keep up with her moms moves to King Bey’s ‘End Of Time’.

For more videos and info on the dynamic duo, check out her channel HERE.

  • Kay B. Douglas

    This is too damn cute!

  • Melanie Schmitz

    Oh my god.

  • Meredith McCann

    The two-year-old is a way better dancer than me.

  • Jazz Cook

    Super cute.

  • Caroline Jeffery

    friggin adorable

  • Dale Pearsall Bucalos

    Love it! Momma & sweet Baby ~ girl power <3

  • Drina Durazo


  • Stephanie Higgins

    too cute~ ^,^

  • Tashween Ali


  • Andreina Marquina


  • Sarah Mullaney

    Aww she is so adorable! x

  • Kevin Nguyen


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