Watch the Season 2 Premiere of ‘The Mindy Project' Early!

Do you love The Mindy Project as much as we love The Mindy Project? We’re sure the answer is yes, so why wait until later this month to watch the Season 2 premiere when it airs on Fox? Now you can stream it online right now! Fox have released the episode early to Hulu, and we’re certainly glad they did!

Don’t forget to watch it again on Fox on Tuesday, September 17 at 9:30pm EST!

  • Hernandez Diaz

    love her

  • Valentina Carrasco Yanjarí

    I can’t watch it because I don’t live in USA, so sad :( I’ll just have to wait untill next week

    • Ligia Correa

      I don’t live in the US either, but I used TunnelBear and managed to watch it :)

  • Angelica Maldonado

    Tom Hardy takes me as a sex prisoner?
    hahahah I love her!

  • Gina Nicole Brynildsen

    Love this show, but was disappointed by the episode. It was a little too over-the-top, in-your-face humor. It took situational humor a little too far. Hopefully the season gets better.

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