Watch The Roots, Miley and Jimmy Sing "We Can't Stop" A Cappella

The Aca-Gods have looked down on us and they have given us a second chance! This is all kinds of AcaMazing. This version has the same fun feeling as the OG version but with The Roots backing her, Miley shines and it feels like a party and we can do what we want! :)

  • Saoirse O’ Shaughnessy


  • Elizabeth Craig

    For me this is a painful reminder of how talented the girl actually is and how she doesn’t need all the bravado and controversy to be “cool”. She was cool cos she could sing. It’s a shame that wasn’t enough…..

  • Kaitlyn Line

    Not that i have much respect for Miley as a person, but there is no denying her voice is great! especially when she’s got these guys backing her up! This was AcaAwesome!

  • Shelby Marie-Joan Anderson

    The roots make anything sound amazing.

  • Kaitlin Langdon

    This video is neat and sounds awesome and fun!

    Miley’s new album is actually quite alright; its catchy, sounds good and has good content as well as known people wanting to join in! I think at this point… let the girl do her thing. Yes she’s a bit crazy, but how old is she? What is in her grasp? What is she asked to preform at? Do you remember being her age? What would you have done? I mean I suppose there are some who are more conservative than others, but when we were her age, we just wanted to have a good time and live up to the standard requested of us at the same time. Miley weather we like it or not gets to do that while the world watches in an age where sexuality is not as censored as it used to be. Let her do her thing… aren’t we all just laughing about the MTV stuff now anyway? The girl can take hits, jokes and still laugh and have a good time and life knowing she’s just being her. Just sayin’

  • Katherine Erickson

    I love anything acapella! And although Miley’s been a bit crazy lately, I still think she’s super talented. I wish I had the courage to do the crazy stuff she does!

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