Watch The Red Hot Chilli Pipers' All Bagpipe Cover Of Avicii's ‘Wake Me Up'

Who knew bagpipes were so cool?


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  • Carissa Duran

    Ummmm… I graduated twice from UC Riverside. I’ve ALWAYS known how cool bagpipes are!!!

    • Sharon Hill

      Carissa! You play pipes too?! Nice to know there are some fellow pipers on here! :)

  • Sharon Hill

    I’m so happy this is being promoted I’ve known bagpipes were cool for years. I started playing when I was 13 (I’m nearly 29!) 😀

    I know the Chilli Pipers pretty well and they are fabulous guys (I know Craig, the blonde guy on the left most. We were friends when we were 17)
    He’ll be over the moon when I tell him you’re promoting the video!

  • Niki Cox

    Bagpipes have always been cool. And sexy. Throw in the kilts on sexy Scotsmen, and *mmmmmm!*

    Then again, I did celebrate my 22nd birthday *eight years ago–sheeeesh, that went by fast!* at a Scottish festival, so I may have a slight bias. 😉

    I’m a very happy girl. Although I would like to see Aloe Blacc’s name included with Avicii–they did the song together, and he has his own cover of it (with video) which is very moving. :)

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