Watch The "Fat Girl Dancing" Video That Started The No Shame Body Campaign

Whitney Thore started the Fat Girl Dancing series as well as The No Shame Body Campaign!

From Whitney Thore:
“I am learning to practice aggressive self-love. I have lived my life as a 130-pound woman and as a 350-pound woman in North America, in Europe, and in Asia. Cultural norms, societal pressures, and the whims of the fashion industry do not define my worth as woman or a human being. My intelligence, personality, talents, and contributions do not fluctuate with the numbers on a scale. I am unwaveringly me at any size and I’m learning constructive and pro-active ways to help shape my ideals and the ideals of the world I live in.”


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  • Nicole Bryant

    Wish i could dance like that!

  • Christine Nguyen

    She’s got moves! And that last dance bit was too funny. haha

  • Sylvanna Cienfuegos

    Awesome! I was grinning ear to ear the whole time! She taught me something great today. I lover her!

  • Sylvanna Cienfuegos

    Awesome! I was grinning ear to ear the whole time watching it. She taught me something great today. And such a good dancer!! I love her!

  • Kimberly Casey

    Hell yeah, get down girl! 😀 Show’em what they’ve been missing out on! :)

  • Becky Young

    shes a freakin great dancer ! I wish I could dance , im clumsy with no rhythm . if I tried this it would just be called ” fat tattooed girl spasming”

  • Mike Bush

    First things first, I want to say this is awesome. She’s clearly a very talented individual and I fully support the ideals she expresses with her “No Shame Body Campaign”. I do however have a legitimate question. How is it possible to be so over weight and yet lead a lifestyle that is so clearly not sedentary? Her excellent dancing ability means that she has practiced those moves over and over again and has gotten a ton of exercise as a result. Not only that but she’s got stamina to keep dancing like that. People are always going on about exercise as a way to eliminate excess body weight, and I’d imagine the amount of calories she would have to eat to keep the weight on in the face of that amount of exercise would be enormous (seriously no pun intended). Again, I think this woman is amazing, and I support and enjoy the experiences she’s sharing with the public. I just want a real answer to this question.

    • Beth Boyd

      This could easily be her workout routine. She was tired at the end. Still props to her for that natural rhythm.

      • Sara Jean DePasquale

        To the person that posted below @mike. You asked how she remains large despite her exercise routine….sometimes people have underlying health problems. Medications can make people severely gain weight, thyroid issues, eating disorders…You never know what issue a person is struggling with, that is why it pays to be compassionate and not judgmental, b/c one day you might be living with a disorder that nobody else understands and judges you for.

  • Beth Boyd

    What an awesome chick she is! I’m proud of her for having such high self esteem. I hope she keeps making videos to show the world, that while we do have individual qualities, we are all from the same spirit, and should love each other equally and as one singular life force. Love to her.

  • Kayleigh Rogers

    Ahh man I wish I could dance like that. Every time I dance to this song, I think I look like her with those badass moves. Sadly I look more like I’m being tazered.

  • Brittany Borden-Hopper

    This is incredible!! I love this girl! What an absolutely amazing example of what beauty really is. I hope one day I can have 1/10 of her confidence.

  • Chelsie Ruby

    That’s awesome … So inspiring :)

  • Cilla Jz

    You go girl! Loved the dance moves!!!

  • Nikki Giles

    Damn girl you have awesome skill! Your confidence just makes you that much more beautiful. Get on with your bad self. Seriously jealous over her. (Danced for 17 years too never this awesome!)

  • Stacey Rate

    She killed it! :)

  • Izzie Carter

    To those asking about her weight, she has been diagnosed with poly cystic ovarian syndrome. I listen to her radio show daily and she has mentioned it several times as a key issue with her weight.

  • Jade Tehuantl

    She can really move! Nice job.

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