Watch ‘Selfie' By Dove And See How We Can Redefine Beauty Together

From Dove:
In partnership with the Sundance Institute, directed by Academy Award-winnning documentary filmmaker Cynthia Wade and produced by Sharon Liese, Sefie reveals how we have the power to redefine what is beautiful in all of us.

Selfie captures the digital journey of a group of high school girls and their mothers, as they create a new type of selfie – one that celebrates their unique beauty.

Dove wants to inspire all women to redefine beauty. Join the conversation at #BeautyIs.

  • Ariel Elizabeth

    have a couple issues with this:
    First, it’s still focusing on physical beauty. Personally, I have (as I’ve gotten older) become a very confident person, and a large portion of that for me is that I stopped caring about what people think of how I look or what are my flaws. I’m just me. Some people will find me pretty, others won’t. I find my confidence in do I try my best to be a good person every day? Something as small as do I smile at the people I see on my way to work is how I determine if I’m pretty or not.

    The second issue I have is with the company, Dove. Aren’t they owned by the same company as Axe? You know, the men’s body spray and bathroom products line that perpetuates the objectification of women as well as the almost unattainable definition of beauty that most girls struggle with. If that’s the case, this clearly is a ploy to help sell Dove products and give their company good PR when they don’t actually care about the issues they are addressing. That kind of hypocritical nature completely invalidates any input they could have on the subject.

    I know what it’s like to be an insecure teenager, but I was raised in a house where it was more about who you are than what you look like, and though it did take me a good bit to come to the full understanding of that ideal, I think it’s something that is far too under addressed. Coupled with the selfish motivation driving this ad, I’m a bit cynical of the message at best.

  • Rachel Whiting

    I don’t think that the message was saying beauty is “skin deep.” They did talk about how being happy, confidant, and comfortable with who you are is what true beauty is. I think that they were just trying to give the girls/women an opportunity to see that outward beauty does come in all shapes, and sizes and it’s ok, and even great to be different! They don’t have to conform to what social media deems beautiful, and don’t have to be ashamed of what it is that makes them different, but embrace it, and celebrate their differences! I think that more women and young girls should be guided on how to become comfortable and accepting of the way they look, and to be gentle with themselves. Because social media takes enough of a toll on the woman’s psyche of self image, we can use all of the truth and positive encouragemt that we can get!

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