VideosWatch Rev The Dog Sing With #AdeleBlaire Bercy

Rev was a rescue and when he was a wee pup, his mom sang Adele to him so as he got older, he knew all of the lyrics. :)

Rev’s family posted the following message to go along with this cute video:

If you want your own Rev, please consider rescuing a dog. Even temporarily fostering a dog can make a huge difference. If you are in Colorado, see Animal Rescue Of The Rockies. If you’re not in Colorado, there are plenty of rescues all over the U.S. that are in desperate need of loving fosters.

  • Niki Cox

    Oh, that just slays me! I love it. My own pup has a pet-howler song: the Batman theme song from the 1960s. She will, without fail, sing along every single time–even if she’s asleep. Seriously.

    Case in point (one of several I’ve posted):

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