Watch @Molls Cry in Every Room at GracelandMolly McAleer

There are certain things in life that need little introduction and this is one of them. Not just because it’s a video of Graceland, home of the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, but because I am freakin’ speechless. You see, I am a huge Elvis fan. I always say “the biggest”, but that’s a foolish game cuz bottom line is, I don’t know everything about the King.

It’s my belief that you never really know someone until you see how they live: the things they surround themselves with. What makes them happy. The way each of us have a little wear and tear on our homes. For me, it’s nail holes in the wall from moving art around. For the King, it was a bullet hole in his daughter’s backyard swing set and a chandelier missing a string of draped crystal. Just what you’d expect from American Royalty.

Bottom line: From trailblazing in the music industry and incorporating his personal tastes into his persona and making the world love it, no one’s ever done it better or quite as well as Elvis Presley. It was an honor to tour his personal wonderland, a home he lived in and loved.

Thank you so very much to our tour guide Alicia, Arlo at Sirius XM Elvis Radio and everyone at Graceland, AirBnB and of course, Slippy Jenkins for his videography and Tori Coyne, for putting up with my crap all day every day with a smile.

And P.S. I have a major cold, so please don’t be too hard on my Fran Drescher-y voice in this video. Between the sobbing and the head cold, I didn’t really have a fighting chance of sounding cool.

Opening track is ‘Ain’t Fair’ by Deep Valley, a Bonnaroo 2013 artist!

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  • Dominic Sofield

    That was a great video. I too have had a life long dream to visit Graceland. I’ve been a fan of Elvis’ forever too. I first came across the Kings records when my brother & I found my mom’s record collection & started playing frisbee with them in our unfinished upstairs. Those old records shattered into a million pieces when they crashed into the exposed wall studs. Needless to say mom was none to happy. Man, I wish we had those records today. Someday I’ll get to Graceland & I’m sure it will be very emotional for me as well. I only hope i can keep it together. Thanks for posting.

  • Steph Tl Lzno

    Ohhh cute moll

  • Selina Parra

    So happy for you, Molls!

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