Watch Mel's Surprising Punk Rock Make Under

Not a fan of this show and I love her both ways but Mel’s reaction to her make under was very sweet. Either way she looks, Mel is beautiful inside and out and that is what makes this video great:

  • Shannon Whatley

    This is bullshit. This girl is gorgeous and she’s obviously happy with herself. Her body is beautiful and she likes the way she looks. So they decide to shove her into what is considered “beautiful” and tell her people will like her more if she dresses like that? That she’ll catch a man that way? Because that’s really all that’s important. Sure, she looks beautiful even after her makeover, but they stripped off every last bit of her personality and told her that being her wasn’t okay. Then polling men on the street and rating her like a piece of meat? Really? REALLY?

  • Holly Barrett

    She looks like she could be Jennifer Lawrence’s sister after the makeunder!

  • Alexandrea Ybarra

    Awful. Why strip away a persons’ individuality when she clearly is comfortable with who she is? It makes no sense and is sending the complete wrong message to girls that you have to look a certain way to be accepted or wanted. Utter BS.

  • Annalisa Marie

    Wow, she could go into witness protection or something; no one will ever recognize her. Anyway, she looks gorgeous after the makeover for sure, but covering up her tattoos and giving her a wig is “helping” her attract a bunch of strange men who don’t know anything about her and would never appreciate her the way she really is. I don’t like the dimple and eyebrow piercings, and her tattoos look like they were done in a jailhouse by a drunk guy, but hey, it’s her body and no one else’s. She seemed happy before and she should just be left alone to do as she pleases.

  • Denise Kitty Dee Bugarin

    Horse shit. How awful to change everything about a person just to make them “approachable” for the public. HG I can’t believe you’d out something like this up.

  • Shayda Soleiman

    “you do look shockingly beautiful”
    what the hell…. since when it is acceptable and polite to say things like that

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