Watch Flawless Tween Charlize Glass Slay Choreography To ‘Yoncé'!

In this short clip, you can see that 12-year-old Charlize Glass is beyond talented. Check out her YT channel here for more choreography and cute videos.

  • Chrissie Thompson

    girl next to her looks pretty good too

  • Becky Young

    girl next to her is equally good yet not mentioned , poor bloody kid .

    • Meredith Basler

      I thought the same thing, but it’s Charlize’s YT channel, so they probably want to highlight her.

      • Meredith Basler

        oops, not Charlize’s YT, but it could be a matter of who they choose to highlight.

    • Lisa Marie Garver

      She’s fine they are all privileged upper middle class kids with plenty of attention showered upon them.

      Charlize killed it. End of story.

  • Shannon Lashley

    They both in 8 Flavahz and kill it on a regular basis…

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