Watch Ellen Page's Coming Out Speech

During her heartfelt and inspirational speech about acceptance and living authentically, Ellen Page came out.

Bravo, Ellen!

  • Jess Bone

    Oh! I wish i could be in the audience to run up there and give her THE biggest hug! Go Ellen.

  • Susana Castillo

    good for her! :)

  • Jess Stewart Carbo

    How wonderful it would be if everyone who came out got that kind of reaction. Love, acceptance, happiness. Lovely. I’m happy that she can be her truest self.

  • Joce Yeoman

    Thank you Ellen – what a fabulous and authentic speech. Isn’t it a pity that we still live in a society where it’s necessary for such speeches? I still find it astounding that our uniqueness is not accepted by all. Congratulations to those people who continue to work towards an inclusive, caring society that celebrates our individuality and all those shared experiences and feelings that make us human.

  • Jana Burke

    Re: Dale Hansen’s rant on Michael Sim’s “coming out”… I didn’t know what to expect but it wasn’t that! Kudos to Dale for taking such an important stand against hatred.

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