Watch Daniel Craig, Benicio Del Toro, & Steve Carell In This White House Sexual Assault PSA

Dulé Hill said it best,

“One sexual assault is one too many. My desire for this PSA is that it will heighten awareness and in turn be a catalyst for more prevention.”

Watch and share the PSA that was recently released by the White House:

  • Christina Martinez

    We need to teach children about consent, it can be learned! I don’t think this terrible practice of sexual assault can be stopped altogether but I hope more people would stop it if they saw it happening.

  • Nikki Maldonado

    As great as this PSA is, it completely ignores the fact that men can be victims of sexual assault, which only encourages their silence.

  • TJ Kaur Bahia

    Women are not the ONLY victims of sexual assault.

  • Mandy Grogg

    Poor attempt. This video only further paints the picture of women as potential targets and men as our saviors. MEN are raped, too. Especially in a military setting. The chances of male on male assault is exponentially increased. I appreciate the attempt of our government to show an interest, but EVERY conversation with any person passionate with changing the rape culture in our country will quickly point out the lack of consideration put forth by the administration to venture towards suggesting the fact that every single person is a potential victim. NOT the female gender.

  • Autumn Button Daphne

    This is a video that the world needs to watch, the message is one that must be heard. “One is too many.”

    Shame, judgement, blame, guilt, desperate to suppress and to forget… do not let these feelings over take your life. You are a survivor, not a victim. Speak out. Speak up. Everyone needs to understand that the absence of a “No” is not giving consent.

  • Ami Alaniz

    Only this doesn’t mention male victims, only has males in the filming, and perpetuates the idea of women’s significance being tied in some form or another to men (as a sister/wife/etc). One sexual assault is too many, true, but spreading ill-conceived ideas (like these) of such an intensely important issue leads to continued misconceptions and allows people to scrape by, saying, “That’s right! What a good message!” without actually doing anything of value.

    Consent isn’t a new idea, it’s a basic tenet of our society. “Yes, I consent to have this e-mailed to me. Yes, I consent to paying this much for my deoderant.” Everyone is taught no means no, and saying that we need to “teach” (or actively do so like in this video) allows perpetrators and abusers to scrape by with an, “Oh, well I didn’t know that!” You don’t take money without asking first–that is what society calls stealing.

    Sexual assault is wrong, it is not gender-exclusive, and it is terrorizing. The crime is not committed on an extension of a person, it is committed against a person. Consent isn’t “taught” nor is it a sexy new slogan, it’s a concept that is ingrained in us as we are socialized.

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