Watch This American BEAGLE Outfitters DOGumentary

American Eagle posted this video to as an attempt introduce a new line in stores designed for people and puppies. The nice thing is if it is true, part of the money made is being donated to the ASPCA to save & rescue animals in need! Sadly, I don’t think many people are rushing to get a “selfie” beanie for their dog… but hey, ya never know.

  • Shannon Roberts

    I don’t think this a real thing…they did the “painted on jeans” gag right before April Fools day, too. I mean, if the dogs were just wearing doggie t-shirts I might believe it, but dresses/button downs/sunglasses aren’t doggie attire. Plus, when you go to their website and click on the pictures of the dogs wearing the clothes, it takes you to the human version of the outfit. Then, only one question remains: if they weren’t going to donate anything to the ASPCA and the whole thing was a gag, why would they even mention the ASPCA? My guess is that they donate part of the money made on the human versions of the clothes to the ASPCA, which is nice. Kudos to a company that knows how to have fun but can do good for others too.

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