Wash & Go: Low Maintenance Hairstyles

Ladies, we have so much on our plates to think about, am-I-right?! Between meetings, coffee dates, conference calls and networking dinners, sometimes it’s a miracle that we make it out the front door at all! And you know it’s been an especially great morning when instead of a messy bun, you’ve managed a chic, stylish hairstyle to rock all day long. But the best part about putting it all together has gotta be the feeling of confidence knowing you look totally fabulous.

The easiest way to ensure that every day is a good hair day is to keep things low maintenance. If you have an amazing haircut that styles itself, then you should only have to add a bit of product and spend a few minutes taming your tresses. There are a few key considerations for each hair type that will give you the best possible results: a look that is not only trendy but requires the least amount of time in front of the mirror.


For Straight Hair: Long layers in straight hair are the absolute best option for quick styling. They give a little bit of movement, bounce and excitement and they can be used in any texture of hair. If you have fine hair, make sure to find a hairdresser who specializes in your hair type to make sure you don’t get too many layers. For styling, these layers can be curled, pulled up into a chic ponytail or blowdried straight in a matter of minutes. They are simply perfect for the straight haired girl on the go! I also love to use rollers on my straight hair and leave them sitting on while I do my makeup. They take five minutes to put in, set while I’m busy with something else, and leave me with big, bouncy waves all day. Just make sure to run a little bit of Kevin.Murphy’s Anti Gravity for heat protection, volume and hold before styling.


For Wavy Hair: The quickest way to style wavy hair is to work with the texture you have. And since a beach wave is so in for spring and summer, I would recommend this style. Use a product like Paul Mitchell’s Sea Spray or Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort Spray to add texture before or after any heat tools or to just scrunch up your natural wave. To get a more even curl or to add extra volume, go through with a 2 inch barrel curling iron and take large, random sections throughout the top of the head. Finish with one last spritz of your sea spray and you are all set!


For Curly Hair: Curly hair not only looks the best with a higher amount of layers like the photo pictured above, but it’s also significantly easier to style. All you have to do is comb a product like Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion through the midstrands and ends, making sure you’ve applied to each strand. Deva Curl also has some great products to try. Then, twist your damp hair in large sections around the head and use your diffuser to scrunch the hair up from the bottom until it’s completely dry. To finish, just break apart the twists. I also love a good braid in curly hair because it holds so well. Try adding a braid on each side of the head and pinning below the crown for a half-up look. You can also rock a classic headband braid.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501920156 Ampurr Lynn Thomas

    I have to say, I’ve always struggled with my hair…always. I’m 27 and my hair is always frizzy/wavy/curly. Nobody wants all of that. Not to mention, I have A LOT of hair. I thought the more I grow it out, the more tame it will be. Wrong. It just looked like I was hiding behind a huge cotton ball. I finally chopped it and I couldn’t be happier. It’s lighter, takes less time to do anything to it, it always looks amazing. If you have small facial features, I’d say chop, chop, chop! Just my opinion :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=581486880 Becky Watkins

      I highly recommend the no-poo method for wavy/curly haired girls. I have been using it for a couple years and used to have mass amounts of frizz and tangles. Now I just put on a little bit of scrunch gel and run out the door. The ratio of good to bad hair days has flipped.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000750696601 Tammi Laura

    what about relaxed hair??

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1378080216 Michelle Marvin

    Hair will not be easy, or look good in a particular style, for everyone. Depends on your hair’s health, your facial features, your hair type and thickness (especially for curly hair since there are so many different types of curls!).

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