Wanted: This Dog 4 My$elfCaitlin Fitzgibbons

Now, I know around Hello Giggles land we’re biased towards a certain dog named Paul J. WagandStuff. He’s got a great personality and he’s super cute. However, last night, my roommate Teens passed along this photo of Boo the dog via her sissy JJ and I clearly couldn’t ignore it. In fact, I’m obsessed.

Boo is incredibly adorable. He looks like a cartoon/teddy bear and he’s kind of a celeb. He has over 1 million fans on Facebook and now he has his own book. I honestly can’t stop looking at pictures of this dog because I instantly feel the stress of my day vanish and I start to giggle. I must admit I’ve had thoughts of plotting a kidnapping already, but I swear I won’t. However, what I will do is get Boo’s book, published by Chronicle Books (my fave). The book is entitled Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog by J.H. Lee. Boo obviously wrote it himself and I’m just really excited to just get his take on the world. The book is available for pre-order here.

Feel free to Facebook stalk photos and videos of Boo as much as I did. However, I’ve selected some favorites below for your convenience. Oh sure, no problem, happy to. Enjoy!

#1 Naptime Boo:

#2 Chicago Cubs Boo:

#3 Poolside Boo:

#4 Playdate Boo:



Images via chroniclebooks.com and facebook.com


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  2. Thats why his heads so big….. its full of secrets!

  3. What kind of dog is Boo?

  4. he doesn’t even look real!!! what kind of dog is he? i seriously can’t handle how friggin’ cute this dog is!!! he makes me want to squeal with excitement!!! eeee i want to squeeze the hell out of him!!!! :DDDD

  5. suuuper cuteee!! ñ_ñ

  6. I StumbledUpon this little Boo creature a little while back, and I’m not totally convinced he’s real. (If you haven’t gotten on stumbleupon, go do it now. there’s hours of cute animals doing adorable things and it never gets old.) But anyway, he’s so flippin’ plushy and cute there’s no way he’s real.

  7. I can’t even…this is legit the cutest dog I have ever seen.

  8. Boo is listed as a Public Figure on FB. That’s hilarious. And adorable.

  9. ahh I want one! that’s the happiest, cutest little fluff ball I’ve ever seen

  10. Just DIED from Cuteness Overload !

  11. I…I….I just can’t TAKE it! He’s just so frickin’ CUTE!!!

  12. OH MY GOD

  13. I am completely in love with this dog, he’s suuuuuuuper cute! I want one of this for myself too!

  14. Well, I definitely pre-ordered 2 of those books today! One for me and one to keep in case of emergency. You never know when someone might need a cute overdose.

  15. sooooo cuuuutttteee!!!!!

  16. I just went into a diabetic coma. He can’t be real. He’s like a living teddy bear!

  17. I try to not like this dog, but I can’t help it!

  18. He’s so cute that I thought he was plush at first! Only the picture of him in the Cubs outfit with his tail sticking out gave away that he was a live dog!

  19. I think my heart literally burst right now. How em-effing cute is he? GOSH. I can barely handle it!!