Making FacesWant to Look Like Twiggy?Annamarie Tendler

What I Used:

under eyes: Make Up For Ever HD Concealer in 325

eyeliner: Illamasqua Precision Ink, MAC Kohl Pencil in Fascinating (white)

eye brows: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Fling

eye lashes: Lancome Hypnose Drama

Want to look like Twiggy?  Here’s how you do it.

I applied the Illamasqua Precision Ink in a fairly thick line from corner to corner, winging the liner at the outer corners.  Next, I carefully extended the liner past the inner corners of the eyes.  If you have wide set eyes, this line can be longer, but if your eyes are closer together, you will want to make this line fairly short, or leave it out altogether.

Next I lined the bottom lash line, also extending past the inner corners.  Apply the liner into or on top of the lash line. Then I used the tip of the liner brush to draw on little bottom lashes beneath my natural lashes.  Draw these on an slight angle toward the outer corners of the eyes, not straight down.

After, I lined the eye socket bone.  There are many variations on how this can be done, and fair warning: all of them are tricky.  You can connect the line with the wing or you can bring the line farther in so it touches the inner corners of the eye. I recommend experimenting to see how it looks best on you!  Keep in mind that the more symmetrical your face is the easier this will be.  My eye socket bones are not symmetrical so I have to draw the eye socket liner on the left eye slightly higher than the right.

Last, I added a little white liner under the lower lashes, in between the inner corner lines, and to my lid between the liner and the eye bone line.  If you want to go really over the top add false lashes, just apply a lot of mascara.

Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t come out perfect the first time; practice, practice, practice and you’ll be a master of mod in no time.

mod eyeliner

  • Karla Meiskey

    definitely trying this today for funzies… it’s also very Edie Sedgwick, an icon I just adore <3 next step: overcoming my fear of fake lashes.

  • Nathan Hawkins

    aww i liked the shirt the eyes seem like 2 much work i bet you and most readers dont need any. if they still think they do it could just be minimal and be amazing…

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