Vote for Rachael!

Rachael rocking out on a piano in Barcelona

My sister Rachael has been playing piano since she was five and she’s been composing music for 9 years. She recently wrote a piece for “The Storm Within – LLC’s Film Composer Competition” and now she’s one of the five finalists and I’m so proud of her! The winner is determined by votes and it would be so great if you guys could help her out.

My sister is not only extremely talented but she is also the kindest, most thoughtful and sensitive person I know. When we were little I used to beat Rachael up because I had a lot of rage due to my smallness and a lazy eye that could only be remedied by large red glasses.  Rachael was an easy target. I’d like to think of this as my way of paying her back. It would mean so much to me if you all voted for her! You can listen to her piece and vote here.