Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Vote For HelloGiggles – And Dance Like No One's Watching!!

By now, you’ve probably seen the lovely Angela Trimbur, dancing her heart out in the middle of LAX. I mean, how awesome is that video?! We are SO EXCITED to announce that “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Airport” has been included in a viral video vote on The Today Show. AND IT WON! Thank you to everyone that voted!

But it’s not over yet, you guys. The winner of each week moves on to compete with a different selection of viral videos. That means we have another chance to win!ย If you voted last week, you can vote again this week, so please do! :)

Please show your love for this video and vote today!

  • Carmel Lewis

    I love it!!! She’s amazing! xo

  • Shawn Kathleen


    ilu xoxo

  • Ella Minnow Pea


  • Ciara Gore

    Voted! I wish I could do that in public (and not just in front of my bedroom mirror)…

  • Sarah Ashleigh Critchley

    I wish I could let go like that. And completely enjoy myself. Good for her/you.

  • Esther Den Edel
  • Christina Konze

    This is one of the best dances I’ve ever seen. Perhaps if cheerleaders danced like this at football games, I’d actually want to attend. This really brightened my day. Go you, Angela!

  • Thomas Bell

    I don’t want to Jinx it, but the video is in the lead so far!!! Keep voting people!!!

  • Tascha Sharratt

    Voted! Good luck Angela ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Alexis Lowery


  • Rebekka Utermohlen

    I danced by myself to the same song and uploaded it to youtube back in May, its probably one of the best songs to dance to ever. Super Sixties Shimmi and Shake style! I was happy to see someone “Dancing Like Nobodys Watching” to Black Angles too ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Sly Hg Tly TyghTy

    Im all about this! When i was in school i always had a basketball and would play on the sidewalks around people when i was waiting for my bus… I had to wait a Long time! People never really had anything against it, but i was good and dont mess up a lot. if i wasnt then i could see that people might get annoyed… Sometimes people i did’nt know would come up from behind me and knock the ball out of my hands because i spun around them one day…that part i wasnt so into, but a small price to pay for tuning up my sick jukes and sweet handles! Lol
    This dancer is Tyght

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