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Happy Record Store Day! Here's why I'm an LP fan in a digital world

It’s Record Store Day, everybody! In honor of this annual celebration of vinyl, one of our contributors perfectly explains why records will never go out of style.

My musical format of choice is, was and will probably always be, vinyl. Now I don’t necessarily mean this in some music-elitist, pretentious way; a large part of my love for vinyl is sentimental.

One of my favorite things to do as a kid with my grandma was to go through her record collection. I would pull out my favorites and we would listen and sing along to them; we called it “solid gold”. Clearly, my grandma assisted on naming that one. However, I am so grateful for this time because that is when my love for music (and vinyl) was born. Obviously, vinyl is still very popular today and not everyone has a sentimental attachment to it. In fact, vinyl sales just hit an 18-year high last year, so I know this is a love shared by many.

So I may be preaching to the converted, but if you’re not a true record fan, here’s a case for living the LP life

Vinyl Just Sounds Better

This is one of those statements that will surely divide a crowd, but I believe it does. Personally it just feels warmer; the music surrounds me in a way that digital versions of songs never have. There are so many instrumental nuances that are lost with digital. Listen to guitar buzz from some old rock-n-roll album on vinyl and then digitally and judge for yourself. I suggest Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, which is pure vinyl heaven to me.

I am in good company; some music engineers say that analog is much closer to the way that the artist intended the music to be heard. Converting music from magnetic tape (the format many artists record on) to analog eliminates complications that arise from a conversion to digital. Analog is by definition the form of the original sound, whereas a digital recording is really just snapshots of the analog signal at a certain rate. Did I convince you yet? Wait, there’s more. . .

Records Can Be Dirt Cheap

I don’t mind investing in music, but sometimes it is exhilarating to hunt through a thrift store and find some great tunes, at good price. You can also afford to take more risks, or try music you haven’t heard of, just based off a really cool cover. Aside from the thrill of the score and savings, purchasing older vinyl is thought to be preferable to buying brand new vinyl. This is because some new releases are suspected to not always be 100% analog, despite the fact that the music is on a vinyl record.

Surface Noise Is Gorgeous

This is a reason than many people actually don’t like vinyl, but I love that hum or occasional pop and crackle right before the music begins. It is oh so lovely.

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