VideosVin Diesel Loves to Dance to Katy and Beyonce Just Like UsBlaire Bercy

No words, just watch:


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  • Agnes Choi

    I thought everyone liked to dance and feel swag and loose at home O-O? Vin Diesel does it too. Am I surprised? Noooope.

  • Ed Wickham

    He’s drunk in love, oh wait a minute he’s just drunk.

  • Esmeralda Perez

    Wtf, why is everybody hating,just cause hes famous yall freak out,hes normal like the rest of us,just stfu already

  • Emily Graff

    Oy… No more alcohol for Mr. Vin Diesel..

  • Edith Villagrana

    Jajajaja <3 Vin!!

  • Ron Kaminski

    Sorry, Zooey, I love you but, this is just a WTF? moment! (Not MY Riddick!)

  • Michelle Cochran Winkler


  • Ashley LG

    Was this suppose to be cute or funny? Waste

  • Tori Meyer

    …is he drunk??

  • Sharon Cherian


  • Janice Lawandi

    Yup. Speechless.
    And the pant-crotch grabbing at the beginning?

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