VideosVin Diesel Loves to Dance to Katy and Beyonce Just Like UsBlaire Bercy

No words, just watch:


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  1. I thought everyone liked to dance and feel swag and loose at home O-O? Vin Diesel does it too. Am I surprised? Noooope.

  2. He’s drunk in love, oh wait a minute he’s just drunk.

  3. Wtf, why is everybody hating,just cause hes famous yall freak out,hes normal like the rest of us,just stfu already

  4. Oy… No more alcohol for Mr. Vin Diesel..

  5. Jajajaja <3 Vin!!

  6. Sorry, Zooey, I love you but, this is just a WTF? moment! (Not MY Riddick!)

  7. :)

  8. Was this suppose to be cute or funny? Waste

  9. …is he drunk??

  10. Ummm….

  11. Yup. Speechless.
    And the pant-crotch grabbing at the beginning?