Video Chat Karaoke

Episode 83: Mia and Eric ‘Green Eyes' (Coldplay)

YOU GUYS get excited…but also get ready to maybe cry. My friends Mia and Eric agreed to sing a song for HelloGiggles Videochat Karaoke, which is like, REALLY REALLY NICE OF THEM because they are students and musicians and busy people with lots to do. So THANK YOU!

Anyways, their voices are beautiful and they chose to cover ‘Green Eyes’ by Coldplay which is also beautiful.

If you like their cover (which you will unless you have NO SOUL) you can find more of their music here! Their band Bear Attack plays around so you should definitely check out one of their shows if you can.

As part of our super fun Video Chat Karaoke series, we’d love to see our wonderful readers (that means you!) show us your stuff by sending in clips of you singing along to your favourite tunes.

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