Video Chat KaraokeVideochat Karaoke Special: Zooey Deschanel + Matt WardZooey Deschanel

I started playing music with Matt Ward in 2006 when we recorded the first She & Him record. Since then I have been so lucky to collaborate with him on four She & Him records, play many many many live shows, and sing with him on his solo M. Ward records. He’s an amazing friend, collaborator and musician – one of the most talented people I know! Here he is with me, playing an old favorite, “Stars Fell On Alabama” on a guitar upside down and backwards. Need I say more?

Stars fell on Alabama was written by Frank Perkins and Mitchell Parish in 1934 and has been recorded by over 100 artists.

  • Craig Lawrence
  • Paula M. Moncho Esteve

    she&him forever!! Zooey gorgeous as always and with that voice.. like it’s from a different time! and Ward (show off!!) haha great.. you guys rock my world and totally made my day!! Thank you for your awesomeness! :)

  • Jose Silva

    Adorable Zooey !!

  • Makenzie Weekes

    M Ward is the coolest person ever. Just the coolest EVER.

  • Halima Hussaini

    Please please please come out with another She&Him album!!!

  • Han Wei Wang

    I still love the feeling they sing together.
    Something graceful and comfortable.
    I love it ,and I love Zooey too.

  • Alyssa Christine Lladoc

    Now I’ve actually read the comment section, it’s freaking me out and getting me so excited for the fourth album.
    Is it really true Zooey? Matt? You’re gonna release a fourth album? (hoping soon??)

  • Alyssa Christine Lladoc

    *two talented

  • Alyssa Christine Lladoc

    you two are just an amazing duo. it’s so great to hear to talented people singing together:)

    impressive guitar skills Matt Ward! as Zooey said: “Show Off!”^^
    and of course, very beautiful singing Zooey D. such a rare quality of voice
    rock on both of you! \m/

  • Allyson Kate Mcardle

    Four albums?! I really hope this means a new one…. And that you come to Australia to play live… in my backyard.

    • Alyssa Christine Lladoc

      very true!

  • Heeyoung Sohn

    Saw Matt Ward last summer at Jisan Rock Valley Festival(@South Korea). He was really amazing!! Next time, please come as She&Hm, the perfect duo, to Jisan Rock Valley Festival with new album, of course with this lovely song too :D

  • Rachel Pody Allen

    Would love to here this on said 4th album.. I am excited about the possibilities of another album.. You are both so talented…

  • Thais Perini

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  • Niccy Knickers McOrrie

    Jess’s jumper!

  • William Fuentes

    Your voice sounds like honey.

  • Álex Torres

    I like that everyone is in the same place I am: freaking out because I’m counting albums and only count 3 :D

  • Hans Johan Svensson

    :) :)

  • Grace Rulloda

    FOUR?! Gotta love the way you announce a new album :-)

    • Grace Rulloda

      And OMG at M. Ward. O… M…G… you cool thing!

  • Alyx Duarte

    “Since then I have been so lucky to collaborate with him on four She & Him records, play many many many live shows, and sing with–” WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! Let us rewind to the number 4….. Is there going to be a She & Him Volume Four?! *Oh please, please, please, please, please say “Yes”*
    Zooey, you’re so talented doll!
    And M.Ward…. Wow. I cant even play the guitar right-side up.

    • Alyssa Christine Lladoc

      oh. she said four?!

      Yes please!

  • Frank Fraone

    M. Ward is so cool. Zooey is such a good singer and ridiculously cute!

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