Videochat Karaoke Special: Tavi Gevinson – ‘Case Of You' (Joni Mitchell)Tavi Gevinson

This is ‘Case of You’ by Joni Mitchell, dedicated to Mindy Kaling because she mentioned the album this is on, Blue, a number of times in her book, which I LOVED, and wanted to thank her for birthing into this world. Like a baby. A smart, funny baby. Made out of paper. To eventually go on Oprah as BABY MADE OUT OF PAPER! (RIP Oprah the show.) Sorry my laptop’s mic is weird when it gets all loud and high.



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  1. This is my all time favorite Joni Mitchell song, you did an amazing job!!!

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  3. oh tavi i love you.

  4. Fabulous.

  5. Jesus, Tavi, your voice is beautiful!!!! Is there nothing you aren’t amazing at?

  6. damn girl, you did good!

  7. I just had this inkling you could sing. Thanks for proving me right. Loved it.

  8. So good!!

  9. woah lady so good! <3<3 lets be BFFS

  10. NICE! :)

  11. Wow, Tavi’s not only an amazing writer, incredibly stylish and funny she can also play guitar and sing like a boss! You inspire me so much, Tavi! ♥

  12. Amazing. Fave song ever x

  13. Good job friend. Great song.

  14. I loved it!