Videochat Karaoke Special: Shelby Fero – Love Story (Taylor Swift)Shelby Fero

I’m not really one to not put myself out there. Often I choose the writing or public speaking route, because any shame I should feel talking about something like that one time I used a Power Bar to scrape Nutella straight out of the jar when I couldn’t find a spoon, well, I scattered to the winds long ago. But song is a whole different level of expression and soul baring. And what better way to convey my true feelings about life and love is there than this hit?


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  1. Not enough lipstick.

  2. Yeah, I see what you did there, but What the heck were you reading?

  3. beautiful!! :D

  4. hilarious.

  5. I thought you’d be singing along, but reading to a song is perfectly fine.

  6. Beautifully done!