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Video Question Time with Kyle and Mickey, Vol I

When Mickey and I spoke last week, she had a made a boast that lead into a bet. She told me that she was working on accents and was getting good at an English and Irish accent. I’m not sure why she was entertaining herself with teaching herself accents but I humored her, telling her that learning accents is awesome (and thinking about how I, too, as a kid talked to myself in different accents, thinking speaking like that somehow made me instantly more exotic).

We talked about accents for a brief period and then I dropped an “I’m soooo cool” bomb on her: I mentioned that I would be the judge of her accent since I was in a play once where I had to speak with a rugged Irish accent. Patting myself on the back for plugging myself, Mickey piped up with a bet: the two of us should have a video conversation to see who was better at talking like an Irishman (or woman).

Of course, I was like, “Sure, I can do that. I got this” but was actually thinking, “Oh, dearie: I haven’t used that accent since 2007. Why is that still on my acting resumé?!” This led into us talking about our next post being a video instead of the usual rigamarole that is a written post. We brainstormed and came up with something that we are pretty proud of: Video Question Time with Kyle and Mickey.

The way this worked is that both of us sent each other two topic areas for questions we wanted asked of us. From there, the other person had to send in questions within that topic area as well as a Wild Card question about anything. The topic areas Mickey gave were peer pressure and friends/relationships. So, I asked her two things and a Wild Card question:

1. How do you feel peer pressure affects you?
2. Have you started dating? Had your first kiss?
3. If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?

The topic areas I gave were summertime and adulthood. Thus, Mickey asked me two questions with my Wild Card question:

1. What is your favorite summer activity?
2. What’s the biggest difference between teenage life and adulthood?
3. What’s the craziest thing you got away with in High School?

We then recorded our answers and I painstakingly edited it all together for several hours into the night. Enjoy what is above!

Of course, I have to give some commentary on this because, as we know, I always give commentary as I am plagued by being long-winded. Whatever. Anyway, I realized in the topic areas I gave her and she me, along with the questions we asked each other, just how different our ages really make us. Yes, that is the whole point of this weekly article. However, it really became apparent while making this post.

Her topic areas were very serious while mine were borderline silly. Her questions were very inquisitive and full of wonder while mine were slightly haphazard, petty and borderline gossip muckraking. She took this as an opportunity to get information about life, while I simply belittled this to be about ~*~KisSiNg & g0sSiP~*~.

Even the ways we answered were fundamentally different and along these same lines. When I was recording mine, I thought mine weren’t fun enough and were droll and even academic. Then, I watched Mickey’s and mine look like they’re some kindergartener’s art project. Mickey’s answers were thorough and succinct and very wise. Mine were somewhat vapid and prying for attention, even a laugh. Maybe this is the nature of our personalities but doing this little exercise brought up a lot for me. I see that Mickey is definitely wise beyond her years and eager to consume knowledge, while I am eager to consume laughter and attention.

Perhaps that is the difference between teenage life and adulthood, which is not the answer I gave in the video: teenagers pursue knowledge and experience while adults search for a means by which to be pleased. I’m not even sure what I am getting at here but I believe I may have learned that the funny joie de vivre I thought I possessed may actually be a shallow need for attention, consumed in my jaded adulthood and dissatisfaction with my life, career and general well being.

I should probably start paying more attention to these articles and be like Mickey: lighten up and learn a thing or two.

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