The Heatley Cliff Video Killed the Radio Star but Cool Nerds Created Podcasts Amy Foster

Truth be told, I never listened to a podcast until I met Amy. I was more of an audiobook person.  Watching the news on TV held little appeal because if I’m being honest,  it mostly depressed me. I never felt like I was learning about what was happening in the world.  Mostly it terrified me with headlines like “Tomatoes Will Kill You!” and “Be Prepared For The Next Pandemic!” and “Your Water Is Poisoned!” I’m Canadian. We like to think that the world is just as polite as we are and that it’s still safe to leave our front doors unlocked and not check our kids’ Halloween candy before they eat it.

But I digress. Initially, I was skeptical to listen to the suggestions of my wifey and it took me a whole six months before I finally tuned into the podcast “Stuff You Missed in History Class“. And what I heard literally blew my mind to smithereens! Here were two women who sounded about my age, discussing topics about history that I knew from college and high school classes but with a twist… I did not fall asleep. They were informing me about the juicy details that you don’t get to read in the standard text book. This podcast presented history with friendly, relatable hosts and while I was listening I felt like I was being productive. It reminded me how much I loved ‘learning’. I even started to tune into the news and to become interested in politics.

After this revelation, I was done. I hit iTunes like a crack w#@$ hits her pipe. I downloaded other podcasts such as “Fresh Air“, “To The Best of Our Knowledge“, “Stuff You Should Know” and “CraftLit” (coz I had to fit in a knitting one, just saying). They are now my constant companions while knitting, cleaning the house, road trips and when I just want to avoid watching the idiot box. And I get this little tear of pride when my little guy says, “Mommy, you rest. Listen to History Class.”

But most of all, I love how listening to podcasts has gotten my husband and I to spend time together in a way that is different from just staring at a screen for entertainment. Podcasts have fostered discussion, laughter and learning in my home and marriage. And those, in my opinion, are important foundation stones in a healthy home and life.

Plus, I’m more interesting and witty at dinner parties.

I love being a nerd.

If you want to hear more of our podcast suggestions, come visit us this week  at The Heatley Cliff.


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  1. Podcasts are the GREATEST! Radiolab is awesome. I also like:
    Jordan Jesse Go
    Stop Podcasting Yourself (and it’s Canadian!)
    My Brother, My Brother and Me
    This American Life
    The Pod F. Tompkast

  2. Oooh, I absolutely love podcasts! try iTunes University, too. :)

  3. I got totally addicted to podcasts this year. The one I never get tired of is RadioLab. I’ll definitely check out the ones you suggested!

  4. This podcast has changed my life! Check out Return To Sender on iTunes, or go straight to!

  5. I have to second The Nerdist. So funny.
    Also, for the Harry Potter fans, MuggleCast.

  6. I love podcasts! Recommendations:

    The Nerdist Podcast (Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, Matt Mira)
    Doug Loves Movies (Doug Benson)
    Pop My Culture (Cole Stratton & Vanessa Ragland)
    You Made it Weird (Pete Holmes)
    Girl on Guy (Aisha Tyler)
    Making it with Riki Lindhome
    WTF (Marc Maron)