Video: I Think I'm Ready (For A Baby)Jackie Johnson

I Think I’m Ready (For a Baby) starring Jackie Johnson featuring Benji Samit.
Written by Jackie Johnson and Benji Samit.
Directed by Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit. Edited by Benji Samit
Special thanks to:
☆Johanna Parker and Baby Adelaide Pearl
☆Yamara Taylor and Baby Raegan
☆Doggies Prissy and Zuma

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  • Tess Milom

    It seems guaranteed that one will be harassed for admitting to shopping for a new pet at a store, receiving shame for not adopting from a shelter. However, when one announces a mission to conceive a whole new human, the opposite reaction is often seen. Why is this? Why is adoption not more fashionable? Why is en-vitro an option before adoption? Why is adoption so expensive? Something must be done about this. Millions of homeless children around the world and many abused in the foster system, while new people are born every day… because it’s easier. Is this the culture you want to bring a new human in to?

  • Jackie Johnson

    I find your opinion valid and very interesting. However I still think I’m ready for a baby.

  • Abbie Conners

    I to find your opinion valid and interesting. I think however that women want the experience of being pregnant, they want to make that little miracle of life, that is creating a whole new human being, with their body. I don’t think they do it for the ease, I would never say that being pregnant is easy, with what you have to put your body threw, but there is a natural bond between mother and child, that starts in pregnancy and I don’t think that you would get quite the same bond form adopting, maybe people should sit back and ask themselves am I ready to be a parent, will my partner be a good parent and have i created the right environment for a child to be brought into, before they even consider “making Babbies”

  • Ali Ashbaker

    Why’s everybody so serious? Girl, you are hilarious. And your talent for creating rhymes featuring lady-parts is on par with most 70’s rockers and 90’s rappers. Heading to the store now to buy a one-piece swimsuit and some jean shorts. Loved it!

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