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Video Chat Karaoke Special: Zooey Deschanel & Sasha Spielberg- ‘Love Hurts' (Nazareth)

We are back with another special edition Video Chat Karaoke from our very own co-founder Zooey Deschanel and one of our HelloGiggles BFFs, Sasha Spielberg. Enjoy their version of ‘Love Hurts’ by Nazareth!

  • Renee Brewer Strange

    just beautiful!

    • Sachin Dole


  • Jenny Lonussen

    Love this song and this rendition! <3 Absolutely stunning!

  • Amanda Garrett Allen

    You guys sound beautiful! Great song.

  • Berrie Oh

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  • Berrie Oh

    A lovely version :)

  • Nanique Medina-Mercado

    Aw, beautiful!

  • Oliver lil’Prince Dewy-Now Dillard


  • Elisa Garza


  • Tami Farris

    You’re beautiful C:

  • Тимур Азисов

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  • Тимур Азисов

    I like this video! Very good sing!

  • Miguel Rodriguez Trujillo III

    you rule in the awesomeness department :)

  • Milki Kaplanski

    Your voices go really well together.. lovely~!

  • Bud Martin

    Nicely done. This is an Everly Brothers song, written by Phil Everly. Nazareth covered it.

  • Elyse Noelle

    Not only are their harmonies tight but they coordinated their polka dot tops! Awesome…

  • Felix Rossi Anicama

    Zooey Deschanel, you have a nice voice .. and beautiful eyes … I like you: D

  • Alyssa Christine Lladoc

    truly amazing! the both of you!:)!best version I’ve ever heard..
    I’m actually jealous of Zzoey’s voice ..she can both do a soprano and alto when she the melody:)

  • Hannah Anne

    You are both great! Love video and song!

  • Sara Trathen

    You mean by Gram and Emmylou. Sounds great!

  • Marc Von Arx

    Beautiful. First hit recording was by Roy Orbison! Linda Ronstadt recorded a beautiful version also.

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