Video Chat KaraokeVideo Chat Karaoke Special: Zooey Deschanel & Sasha Spielberg- ‘Love Hurts' (Nazareth)HelloGiggles Team

We are back with another special edition Video Chat Karaoke from our very own co-founder Zooey Deschanel and one of our HelloGiggles BFFs, Sasha Spielberg. Enjoy their version of ‘Love Hurts’ by Nazareth!

  • Ricky Boredmonkey Howard


  • Michael Lee Elmendorf

    Just so you y’all know, this sounded so much sweeter, also, like calming medication to me after dental surgery. Today, my person has been violated by cold hard and impersonal medical equipment. That rudeness started happening 6 hours ago. An hour later i was home passed out, just now woke up. I then watched this, and i am feeling ok (and with the assistance of those meds i just took ha) Still i think it would have been better if after that shredding @ 0:04 her music room turned dark stage and her shredding continued with Black Label Society

  • Lauren Elizabeth Edwards

    Zooey please make more music! Dying to hear some new stuff!- It’s been too long:(

  • Chris Brodie

    MY EARS, MY BEAUTIFUL EARS…. nah just a kiddin’

  • Michael Lee Elmendorf

    For me it went downhill after 0:04. After the first bit of zooey’s shredding I was bored. Just kidding. I first saw this when I was the about the 300th viewer. I was reminded of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. After the speech everyone went silent. There was no applause.( What happened was not like in Lincoln Vampire Slayer ha) Everyone went dumbfounded and silenced by the speech. That is how i felt after seeing this. This hit home. “love” has always been extremely painful for me. I have never been married, I cant seem to keep a girlfriend after the “rich guy” always shows up. (this has been happening most of my life me being a poor-boy) I will never have kids. I will most likely never get married, or again have someone “close”. This song hit home made me speechless. (oh wait i was alone so i woulda been talking to myself had i mumbled something) Oh and this song needs more bottom-end/bass too constant high-end. Needs dynamics. And Zooey shoulda stopped after the shredding. But a nice Everly Brothers/nazareth cover. It did leave me.. silenced. “love” blows…

  • Manuel Cetina

    Now kiss!

  • Jodi Glencross

    hey that was a pretty good version of that song and nazareth is from my town in dunfermline, scotland woop :) ^^

  • Valeria Hernández Politi

    Love your voices! But Zooey, you’re special. I love you so much! :D.

  • Zida Sarmiento

  • Calvin Wayne Weir


  • Hans Johan Svensson


  • Jessica Day

    What a talented couple of ladies who are rocking a lot of polka dots! Very beautiful cover.

  • Byron Van Vreden

    That was Beautiful ladies, Rock on! ;)

  • Neil Ginsberg

    Gorgeous version! Very nice!!! (Note: the song was originally done by The Everly Brothers. The Nazareth version was a cover. Interesting, though, that you guys actually sang the Every Brothers’ version, which had “love is like a stove.” Nazareth changed that to “love is like a flame” in their version.)

  • Wanda Krisna

    its not love that hurts, its the lover you loved. lol

  • Ted Summers

    Love the music – two lovely ladies!!!! So when will it be on iTunes???

  • Jonathan Palmer

    Oh and yeah your eyes are amazing Z!

  • Jonathan Palmer

    Voices of angels! Shame about that shit guitar… tut.

  • Gaia Lourenço

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  • Frank Fraone

    We all love Zooey and already know she is amazingly talented but that Sasha has a nice, angelic voice!

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