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Video: Best Coast's "Our Deal"

I doubt Best Coast needs any introduction. In case you haven’t heard of this Southern California band yet, I can sum it up for you: boys, cats, and some sort of modern mutation of Connie Francis‘ vibes. Full disclosure: I’m not the biggest Best Coast fan, although I do enjoy this song off their first full-length released last year, Crazy For You. But more so than that, I really love the video for “Our Deal”.

Directed by Drew Barrymore (only one of the baddest babes on the block), this contemporary take on a West Side Story sort of deal made me tear up. Yep. And I’m not even anywhere close to my period, so we need to take this seriously or blame it on the retrograde, whichever you prefer. The video stars Chloë Moretz and Tyler Posey as two stud-muffined, star-crossed lovers from different Los Angeles gangs. And of course, since this takes place in Los Angeles, the rival gangs are headed up by Alia Shawkat (#MaebyFünkeForever) and Donald Glover.

Man, I love Hollywood. I never see gangs as cute or as choreographed as this in Echo Park.

Image via screengrab via MTV via Best Coast’s vid posted here

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