Valerie Dodds v. Catholic School: A Tragically Bare Story

I’m sure that when Valerie Dodds’ parents told her she could be anything she wanted to be at a young age, they probably didn’t think “porn star” would be on her list. But, alas – it was. And Valerie Dodds is so determined to be a porn star, that she’s doing everything it takes to get her name out there.

Dodds had once attended a Catholic school in Nebraska called St. Pius X before transferring over to Lincoln East High School, where she graduated. However, her old classmates still remembered her fondly. After deciding to take a few X-rated photos of herself, her Pius X classmates began to gossip a bit about Valerie’s scandalous life change. Instead of being a deterrent, Valerie (or as she’s amateur-professionally known, “Val Midwest”) saw it as a challenge.

“All of the Pius kids were saying mean things and that’s when I decided to go there and show them that I’m here to stay,” she said.

And show them she did. Trespassing on Pius grounds, Valerie took a series of nude photographs and a video over Mother’s Day Weekend (best gift a Mother could ask for?) which gained her some notoriety in the form of a ticket for “trespassing and public nudity”. Of note: The album of pictures was called PiusXXX.

Valerie still didn’t let this get her down. She responded by visiting again, in daylight, wearing only pasties and panties. Not law breaking, but still kind of indecent. (To me, at least.) But hey – to each their own.

Part of me thinks this girl is brave for pursuing her dream regardless of the aftermath – as everyone has different dreams – but the other part of me feels sorry and a little embarrassed for her. Judging by her Facebook page (as her twitter had too many profanities to screencap) it looks like she’s happy about all of the news attention she’s getting.


Let me state here that she decided to film the videos of her being super disrespectful on school property out of “revenge”. That’s the equivalent of someone saying something mean to me, and me high-fiving my neighborhood about lighting their lawn on fire. In fact, the best revenge Valerie could have had was to maintain a successful career without saying one word to her Catholic peers.

Dodds apparently transferred for the final semester of her senior year, which means she only knew her new graduating classmates for a solid semester. Was she possibly bullied, and this was a way to gain confidence? Hopefully she doesn’t think her body is the only thing worthy about her, because even without ever talking to this girl, I can tell you that can’t be true.

“Everyone at my high school had something rude to say to me when I started my website, so this is my tribute to all of you,” Dodds wrote on her website. In shooting the video, she’s just showing her age – she doesn’t understand the moral wrongness of what she’s doing, especially since she’s only doing it to one-up some kids she’ll never see again. In fact, who cares what some kids from a school you transferred out of think of you? And when they see what you’ve done, do you think their opinion of you will change much? With your peers having a strong religious background, a porn video shot at their old high school won’t make them bow down to you as a hero.

Friends on Valerie’s Facebook page have expressed concern for her career path, with a few hints that her family isn’t on board with her personal decisions. In April, she posted a status stating that after spending time with her family, she realized her decision to go into porn was hurting them too much to continue. Numerous people applauded her decision, until they realized that it was April First.

Upon the reveal that her webpage will make her rich, and she’d never quit, she even went so far to call her concerned friends “stupid mother f**kers”. In return, she received comments like this:


So, while Valerie seems to have gotten the media attention she craved, she sure dragged down a lot of people to get there. While there haven’t been any statements from her family, St. Pius X’s Monsignor Perkinton said, “More important to us… is that we constantly follow our school’s motto: To Restore All Things in Christ… To that end, we are praying for the young lady and her family, and we stand ready to offer forgiveness and support should she seek it.”

What do you think about Valerie Dodds? Do you think her decisions were courageous, or foolish? Do you think her newfound fame will be fleeting, or here to stay?

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  • Sarah Benal

    I graduated from Pius the year before Valerie did, and because people know that, I get a lot of questions at work and in class about whether or not I know her. I don’t, but I’m still frustrated not because she participates in porn, but because she doesn’t realize how her actions have affected others. I agree that the best “revenge” would have been for her to try to be successful in her chosen career instead of taking pictures on school grounds. Her actions were petty and hurtful to people who are proud that they are from Pius X. There were many times when the school made me mad, but there are many great teachers that treat their students well and give them a solid foundation for life after graduation. But people won’t hear about that; they’ll only see Valerie’s actions.

    I don’t know why Valerie is mad at Pius X or what her history is with her classmates or family. But from where I’m standing, her “revenge” was poorly thought out and immaturely executed.

  • Ginger Tea

    If I were in Valerie’s shoes, I would have disregarded that bad attention. We all know that not everyone is going to approve of what you do/how you live your life. I’m not religious, but I am respectful. And I certainly wouldn’t go back to a place that I didn’t feel comfortable at (PiusX) and take topless pictures, get arrested for trespassing and public nudity–just to prove that I can do what I want. ESPECIALLY on Mother’s Day weekend, jeez give momma a break.
    Yay, she loves her body, and she embraces her sexuality. Thats great! but don’t impose it on others. It does you no justice at all to shove your beliefs in their faces. That being said, it raunchily seems like she did this for some 15 mins of fame and possible movie deals. So I think we can all agree this wasn’t a movement for women empowerment.. Just a fame hungry lady.
    That’s how you do it, right dur.

  • Delia Harrington

    There seems to be a lot of morality policing and concern trolling in the second half of this article. What’s with jumping to the conclusion that she was bullied, or doesn’t see value in herself? I also disliked the condescending tone throughout, including the remarks that she is just showing her age, the implication being that only an immature person would pursue this line of work. What exactly is the “moral wrongness” of what she’s doing? And of course that hypothetical about high-fiving someone after lighting a lawn on fire is ridiculous. She didn’t destroy property or do anything dangerous or threatening. I’m also not sold that she was disrespecting the school in any real way. It was certainly provocative, but on the whole her actions seem rather harmless. I feel like this article reflects more on the moral code (and penchant for judgement) and maturity level of the author than on its subject.

  • Anne Ferrante

    This is the second article in the past week I have read on Hello Giggles that has come off as incredibly judgmental.. Being a porn star is not everyones cup of tea, but if this young woman wishes to pursue it as a career than she should be allowed to do so.

    • Tim Alcazar

      I agree. It’s only because she’s standing up for herself as a porn star that she’s not getting the feminist high five. If she was a trans* teen or lesbian trying to hold hands with her girlfriend on the catholic school’s grounds, she would be a hero. Since she saw these people were saying mean things and she took these pictures to ‘show them’, she’s just doing it out of revenge. If she was trying to stand up for her right to be true to herself in public, she would be doing it out of a sense of justice.

    • Vickie Morales

      This is in defense of HelloGiggles, I don’t think they are judging her. Well they might be a little bit, mostly I really think what they are trying to get across is that her actions are foolish. There are better ways to get revenge.. There are better ways to stick it to the man, you know? Sex in general is frowned upon in public and especially in a religious setting. So if you’re going to compare her to a lesbian couple then you have to say that the lesbian couple was having sex in public. That’s just dumb! Holding hands? Good plan for revenge. Having sex in public? Bad. Having a successful porn site? Good plan for revenge. Having sex and filming it on school/church grounds? Bad.

  • Caitlin Carbonell

    The entire reading of this all I could think was, “Uhh, she’s lucky she didn’t get hit with a sex offender and child porn for her exposure on school grounds!”

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