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You'll feel like a magical creature by the pool with these 15 unicorn-themed bathing suits

With summer quickly approaching, it can be easy to want to be a mermaid. But what about those of us craving something even more magical? There is unicorn swimwear, of course. From colorful unicorn makeup brushes to the sweet and sour unicorn frappuccino from Starbucks, these mythical beasts are here to stay. The internet is a treasure trove of unicorn-themed fashion, too. From David Bowie-themed unicorns to an eerie skeleton one, there is a unicorn for everyone.

Replace your bottle of tanning lotion with a jar of Unicorn Snot body glitter, because we’ve rounded up our favorite unicorn swimwear!

Let’s dive in, shall we?

1Unicorn Vibes Swimsuit, $54

ClothingByOWL / Etsy

We are totally feeling this minimalistic suit!

2High-neck Unicorn Suit, $89

SeaTalesSwimwear / Etsy

We are pretty sure we had a trapper-keeper in the same exact design.

3Unicorn Patch Bodysuit, $10.90

Forever 21

Okay, so it’s a bodysuit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take poolside selfies in it!

4Private Party One Piece, $99


This pink suit is totally our next Wednesday outfit.

5Unicorn Bolt One-Piece, $95


It is highly likely that the Starman would come back to us as a unicorn.

6Space Moon Bikini, $26.90


This magical bikini has such pretty moons.

7Sweet Splash Set, $30.90


This set is ~almost~ passable as a summer outfit. We love it.

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