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By now you’ve probably already heard the latest conservative politician rape-pop hit, Richard Mourdock’s ‘Rape Is Also God’s Intention.’ Right out of the gate, let’s just avoid the whole comment thread about attacking conservatives and Republicans and whatnot. Not all Republicans are conservatives, and not all conservatives are religious zealots intent on putting chastity belts over every uterus they can. But the folks who seem to be spouting the most oppressive and uneducated ideas against women are almost all men who also mostly identify as conservatives and Republicans. If you have an issue with that, take it up with your congressional reps and let blog comments roam free from the tyranny of caps lock.

I think the time has come for Republican candidates to recognize that mentioning any stance on rape will inevitably lead to people being angry over having to hear more of the stupid, ignorant crap that keeps spewing out of these peoples’ mouths. I, for one, have hit my limit with listening to creepy old dudes talk about vagina rules like they have any business doing so, while balking when the medical term is used on the Senate floor in reference to the private body part they are so aggressively trying to publicly legislate. In the past few months, we’ve heard about legitimate rapes (shut it down!), girls that rape easy, and rape babies that are a gift from God. While one of the biggest issues in this presidential campaign is women’s rights, the topic barely got discussed at any of the three presidential debates, or the vice presidential debate. Women’s rights are one of the most prominent topics in this election, yet none of the candidates or moderators found it important enough to go into deeper discussion on. That’s cool, bros, we’re just half the country’s population. No need to pay any attention to us, we’ll just leave work early to tend to your sandwiches and babays.

This election is not about Republicans or Democrats. It’s not about whose team will win, because – surprise! – it’s our future, not the World Series. I don’t give a sh*t about whose party affiliation is what (I personally have none), and if it were up to me, we would have no politics, we’d just listen to Sam Cooke all day and eat pie. What I do care about is someone trying to legislate all up in my uterus. Because I like to maintain it and not potentially die because some misogynistic old man who couldn’t pass sixth grade health class decided that the hormone regulator pill that could save me from ovarian cysts is bad, because I may also take it and then have the secksie times without making babies. And heaven forbid I not fertilize all the eggs my ovaries are pumping out, because I might have time to think for myself and work and be independent.

And where would we be then? What kind of world would it be where a man penis isn’t the only deciding factor in the direction a woman’s life takes? Because that’s what all of this women-politicking comes down to: aging legislators with patriarchal entitlement sprouting forth like ear hair, feeling scared that their old-timey comforts are being taken away. They’ve had the run of things for, oh, most of known Western history, so I understand how that can be intimidating. Which is a really sad story, because yawn. Moving on with civilization.

Several times over the past few weeks, I’ve heard women utter the phrase, “whatever, it doesn’t affect me.” Fun fact y’all: everything affects you. All of you. All of us. Even if you aren’t having premarital sex. Even if you aren’t on birth control. If you’re a woman, then these men, who talk about rape like they have any business making decisions for sexual assault victims, are attacking your freedoms. Even if you support them, and even if you aren’t currently taking advantage of said freedoms.

First of all, you’re getting paid less than you would if you were a man, so you’re being affected right there. I don’t know about you, but I like getting paid. I also like the feeling of being respected enough to be treated as an equal. What I don’t like is the expectation that I should be spending an egregiously larger amount of money on my appearance than a man, while getting paid ¾ the amount he is.

More importantly, you never know what your body will throw at you. You may support anti-abortion legislation now, but when it goes to the extremes it has in Georgia (and several states are working on making that happen), where even a deceased fetus cannot be legally removed by a doctor, then you’d better hope you don’t miscarry or have a tubular pregnancy, because the Republican legislators behind these laws would rather you die from an infection than abort a fetus which is already dead. And the second you’re diagnosed with, say, ovarian cysts or endometriosis, you’ll realize just how much more than birth control that little hormone regulator pill is.

Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid these awful experiences, chances are, one of your friends will go through them. In fact, your friends may make different choices with their bodies than you altogether. And that’s what all of this comes down to. It’s not about religious convictions (which, separation of church and state, so kudos for having a lot of feelings, but that does not a constitutional amendment make). It’s about having power and control over a massive chunk of the population. A woman who is forced to bear children, who is raped by the legal process after she is raped by a man, who is paid unequally and marginalized by every system in every way, is a woman who is forced to be Betty Draper when she could be so much more as Peggy Olsen. And a woman without the freedom of choice over her life is a woman who is miserable, in a society that loses out on what she could have contributed to it.


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  1. Totally agree.
    Rape is rape regardless of whom is being raped. Rape is rape regardless of who the rapist is.
    Repeat this to anyone who needs to, or should, hear it. Do it over and over again if you have to. It is interely possible that there will be a very strong reaction when you do this – do not do this alone. Call upon the assistance of police and/or socialservices.
    Anyone whos has a problem in accepting this should either get help or get arrested.

  2. why does this website seem so freaking biased towards republicans, conservatives, and christians? i loved coming on here and reading the articles until i stumble upon a hateful article like this one. people believe different things but do you really have to bash someone who believes differently than you on here? how low can you get? i’m not supporting hello giggles anymore. i get so frustrated whenever i’m on here.

    • I just don’t understand how it is ever ever EVER okay to kill a baby/fetus. When did it become a woman’s choice to kill someone? Why do women feel like they have less rights because they don’t have the choice to kill a baby? Once a child is conceived it is an individual being. Yes, it lives in a woman’s body but that doesn’t make it less of a person. Is everyone saying we should take away children’s rights as well? This just doesn’t make sense to me at all. Why would anyone want to take away a perfectly innocent life? It’s not our decision to decide who lives and dies. That’s why murdering is a crime… It isn’t fair to hold a child responsible for rape. Killing them doesn’t erase the fact that the rape happened. This isn’t even a religious issue it’s common sense…

      • thank you!!! this is the same thing i am always saying and people/women look at me like i am a horrible person because i don’t want women to have rights to their bodies.. Complete bull! Of course i want rights to choose what to do with my body but i don’t believe a living being, with a heart, brain, toes etc is part of my body just because it is attached to my insides… a fetus is a person no matter how small and how much support it needs from my body. Abortion is killing another life and it is immoral!!! People who think it is okay are only being selfish because they don’t want to take responsibility of something that is theirs whether they asked for it or not.

        • oh and as far as becoming pregnant from rape, there is such a thing called the plan B/morning after pill. If i am ever a victim of rape you bet your sweet booty that i will take this pill before a life has a chance to be created. In all the abortion articles i have read with an argument on rape i have not read one person who has brought this pill up.. Why do you think???? Because they still want to justify murder simply because they were raped and too ashamed or what ever their reasons may be and did not act responsibly and take care of it the right way!

      • Sometimes I wonder if people are just trying to find any reason to justify the action of killing a baby, either because they’ve done it or plan to do it and they don’t want to feel bad. I mean, I’m a vegan, so I hold all life very sacred, but still… I cannot fathom why anyone would do this to their own species. It’s so very selfish. It makes me sick.

    • Emma, I agree, the site has taken a turn for the extremely biased. I don’t know if I’ll stop coming here completely, I still like reading the non-political articles and looking at cute animals and men, but I probably won’t come here as often. If it gets any worse, I might stop completely. I’m all for people sharing their opinions, but if people start calling eachother names and just being downright rude… Nope!!! Bye bye!

  3. Some people keep saying that women should be able to choose what to do with their own bodies. I’m all for that. Choose to close your legs. Choose to use a form of birth control. Choose to not walk down dark alleys unless you are a certified ninja. (You can disregard that last statement…) Do NOT choose what to do with another person’s body – the baby’s (or babies’). I could argue about what determines if a human is a human or if that human is alive, and we could very well have different opinions on that.

    (For the record, I believe the offspring is alive once the heart starts beating. By the time you figure out you are pregnant, the heart has already started beating, which will have been 2 weeks from contraception.)

    I DO believe, in cases of rape, it is okay to IMMEDIATELY go to the doctor and scrape out your insides before your 2 weeks are up. Although, I prefer that you didn’t. But that is YOUR choice, and it is still your body, you don’t have another body to be responsible for inside of you just yet.

    Some of you seem concerned about having an every day reminder of the rape sitting inside of your belly. Trust me, you are going to be reminded of that rape regardless of a human being inside of you. And for those of you that are disgusted by the thought of something that HE (the rapist) contributed to, such a devilish monster being constructed inside your very self, stop. Think for a moment. When that baby comes out of you, and you see it’s gorgeous large eyes, soft skin, funny hair that sticks up everywhere… Are you still going to think of it as a monster? Something that can only grow up a troubled life, cutting her/himself and going into Playboy? Of course not (unless you are heartless). Your motherly instincts are going to kick in and you are going to love that blessing from God that somehow miraculously formed inside of you. When that child grows up and you watch her/him experiencing things for the first time, smiling and giggling at the joys of the beautiful world around us, you are going to almost completely forget about the rape and focus on being the best mother you can. (Key word – almost. You will NEVER forget about the rape, with or without the child in your life. But you WILL be able to move on with your life if you want to.)

    If you absolutely do not think you would make a good mother, if you do not have the financial capabilities or means of residing in a decent environment for the child, adoption IS an option. So many people make it out to be terrible, like moving from foster home to foster home is bad and that some don’t get adopted and some live troubled lives. Well you know what? Some do, some don’t. Just like how some parents who decide to keep their biological children raise them just like any other and some live troubled lives, some don’t. You can talk statistics all you want, but there are simply so many variables that play into shaping a person’s life, influencing them to be the way they are, different life experiences.

    From a political standpoint, Obama has voted for late-term abortions to be okay. This absolutely DISGUSTS me. You can FEEL the baby kicking, and yet you have the AUDACITY to say that it’s not alive? How the heck is it moving then? Just stop. Don’t get all scientific on me with neural impulses. You can’t sway my opinion, and I don’t expect to sway yours.

    Romney is saying it’s okay to have abortion in cases of rape and incest. Personally, I don’t see how a baby resulting from a stranger is different from a baby resulting from a relative. A heart is a heart. A hand is a hand. A foot is a foot. But whatever, I guess he’s making all of YOU happy.

    Remember in Tarzan, when as a kid, he and his gorilla mom held their hands up against each other? Remember what she said? Here’s a script I found via Google:

    I’m going to change the words in part of to fit it into the situation of rape in MY opinion:
    Kala: Tarzan, what are you doing?
    Tarzan: Why am I so different?
    Kala: Because you’re covered with amniotic fluid, that’s why.
    Tarzan: No! Democrats said I wasn’t alive.
    Kala: You know what I see? I see two eyes, like mine, and a nose. Two ears, and…
    Tarzan: Two hands?
    Kala: That’s right. Now what do you feel?
    Tarzan: My heart.

    • *”I’m going to change the words in part of to fit it into the situation of rape in MY opinion:”

      I meant the word “abortion,” not “rape” in this sentence. My apologies.

  4. Word, sister. I feel that this election really hasn’t focused on women’s rights, even though it’s the topic that is obviously affecting half the population. I can’t stand people who say things don’t affect them because they’ll be the ones complaining when something DOES affect them, especially if they’re a woman, and they didn’t vote or say anything about it. I feel like, with this election, women are on the chopping block, and our human rights are so close to being taken away. I work in an office with another woman and a gay man, I said yesterday: this election could go very badly for everyone in this room. It’s so scary to think that our rights would never come into play when we’re part of this damn world. All of us. I mean, if you want me to go home early to get dinner ready for a family I don’t have, by choice, then I think we have a problem. I mean, how am I supposed to have a family when I don’t even get paid enough to support that family? And, then, the added pressure of keeping weapons out of my non-existent child’s hands…it’s all too much.

    • I can’t even begin to deal with the panic that Romney brings on — the guy’s answer to the question on whether he supports equal pay was that he thinks women should get time off from work to go run a household. I’m so tired of people defaulting to the economy in this election — Obama has done alright, he was handed Bush’s hot buttered mess, the President will only change as much as Congress lets him anyway, so frankly, anyone who says that the economy is more important than the human rights that are stake have lost my respect. Period. I can’t deal with people who think of me as a friend and yet vote against my civil liberties.

  5. What I want to know is if abortion for rape passes how is it proved that it was rape? Who decides the pregnancy was a result of rape? I can see this turning into a huge red tape nightmare for women who are already going through a lot.
    I think it undercuts rape victims to think that they aren’t strong enough to birth a child just because it was from the rape. What do they have to gain from abortion? It doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t erase the rape. The mother doesn’t necessarily have to raise the child but can give someone else who can’t have children of their own the joy of parenthood that they otherwise couldn’t have. Or if they choose to keep the child they have the joy of the greatest gift of all the love between mother and child. What greater victory is there against rapists than a victim taking back their lives and living a life full of love and happiness?
    Well that’s just my humble opinion on the subject.

    • The red tape is a big issue — by the time rape can be proven, the mother will most likely have passed the point of 8 weeks where abortion is legal, were it to be. What’s more, if the only time a woman has choice over her own body is when a man rapes her, it’s putting power in the hands of men over her and isn’t solving anything

      The process of gestating and birthing a child is immensely taxing on the body and soul. No one can decide for another person if they should be or are capable of it, which is why it’s so important for women to have the freedom of choice. Child adoption is a complicated procedure and not all children find a home, or end up floating from foster home to foster home. This is an immensely, immensely complex process from all angles, so while I respect your two cents, I think it’s important that we all respect everyone’s 2 cents and their right to pursue it.

    • I just don’t think you should ever expect a woman to carry a child that was created from a place of hate, and carried in despair. A child is a gift, and should be brought into this world from love and family. And, not every woman who is raped will get an abortion, and some will love that child regardless. But, the fact is, women should NOT have to be forced to carry that child and have a daily reminder of what has happened to them. People see having a child as a joyous occasion, and will always ask joyful questions. Some may learn to mask their true feelings, or even really come to terms with having this child, but they should have a choice. No one is saying that women HAVE to abort babies created from rape, but no one should ever be asked to carry a child that has come from this.

    • Do you know how many children are out there right now, needing/wanting a loving family to take them? How many children are being abused within the system? How many children become homeless once they turn 18?

      Giving them up for adoption sounds like a quick fix so you can sleep at night.

      Women deserve to have the right to decide what is best for them and ultimately best for their unborn child.

      I think the laws need to be tightened up on WHEN you are allowed to get an abortion. Some places, 6 months is considered okay and personally that makes me feel sick. You cannot let things go that long and then decide , oh I think I want an abortion.

      So much grey area.

    • What do they have to gain from abortion? That would be the victims decision to figure out what is gained, not yours or anyone else’s.

  6. If men could get pregnant abortion would not only be legal but extremely abused.

    People are really something else. Abortion is murder! Sure you just got raped but hey you’ve got a blessing in your belly! The piece of shit that took something from you also left a piece of himself behind. A reminder.

    You think the woman will love that child? Most could not. I know a girl who is a product of a rape. She has more issues than playboy and is constantly harming herself/wanting to die.

    ‘The System’ is failing our children. Social Services is overwhelmed. Unwanted children have a hellish existence. We will go further into debt supporting Mothers and their children. Teenage Mothers? Have you watched 16 and pregnant? The world needs more of that?

    If abortion is murder then what about masturbation? Oral Sex? Wasted sperm=potential babies? How specific do we want to get? Condoms should be illegal??

    The world is such a frustrating place.

  7. Julia, I love you and your writing. *virtual high five*

  8. “A handful of loud, ignorant people are representing a larger party” – YES! And it infuriates me. It’s not just Republicans, either; it’s Christians, too. I am a Christian, and I’m horrified about the Mourdock comment that sparked this article. Why do Christian politicians get hung up on all the wrong things? What about the second greatest commandment – “Love your neighbor as you love yourself?” What about Jesus’ words, “Whatever you have done for the least of these, you have also done for me?” Why are so many Christians giving the religion, MY beloved religion, with love at its core – God IS love! – such a horrible name and image in mainstream media and politics? Rape is never something God intended. Rape is a grotesque corruption of one of His most beautifully designed constructs. However, that being said, I do believe that a child that results from rape should be seen as a beautiful outcome of an abhorrent crime. Perhaps I would think differently if I were a pregnant rape victim, but I hope I would be able to see it this way. Thanks for the article!

  9. And sorry, but rape is a method of conception, because it’s doing what needs to be done to have a child. Have a nice day (she said sarcastically.)

    • Rape, my dear friend (she said sarcastically), is a complete violation of the body. The woman did not have a choice in what happened to her nor did she have a choice in becoming pregnant so I think she DESERVES the right to choose what the outcome in her situation is.

    • Pointing out rape as a method of conception in this way, and in the way these politicians are doing it, is accepting of the fact that it happens and working against the victim. It’s not that it’s not the fact of biology that a sperm fertilizes an egg — it’s how that fact is used, presented, and taken advantage of to argue for a religious conviction that 1. has no place in political dialogue and 2. restricts the rights of citizens

    • Sorry, not to have so many comments, but that does not mean I’m all for rape. Rape is corrupt misuse of sex.

  10. Also, you cannot blame all Republicans for what one man says. If you really have a problem with what he says, you should take it up with him, and NOT the Republican population of the US. I’m sick of people who get mad at one person and choose to lash out at whatever political party that person belongs to.

    • This is exactly the point I’m making — a handful of loud, ignorant people are representing a larger party. But that party is not standing up to argue with them, and on both state and central government level, the party is supporting the legislation these people propose.

      • I am positive that if a Democrat would have said those things that you would not see any news about it in today’s media.

        • That’s just not true. I see both sides constantly upset that the other side is getting better media representation. But like I said, this isn’t about being for or against a political party — it’s about being for or against women’s rights.

          • Keeping abortion legal actually violates women’s rights more than it does help them. At abortion clinics, the nurses are told not to offer any extra information unlessed asked. When women ask “will it hurt?”, they say no, even though it comes with serious pain. Often, it is accompanied with a miscarraige when you next are impregnated, because the cervix is stretched much faster than intended and cannot hold a baby. Infertility is often a side effect, because the tools the doctors use damage the uterus because when they use the sharp objects to take the baby’s limbs and twist until they come off (normally done at a point when a baby can feel pain) and vaccuum out the rest with painful tools, it will scratch the walls of the uterus itself. Also, psychological problems occur, because it isn’t until after the abortion that the women see that the baby had arms, legs, fingers, and other parts that clearly define it as a human being. Many deny that it was a human though, but still feel loss, and cannot mourn properly. I could go on for hours, but I think that you can see that making abortions so accessible does more damage than good. Rape and incest actually make up an extremely small percentage of women who get abortions. Normally, it’s carelessness and a lack of abstinence.

            • Girl, I don’t know what abortion clinic you’ve been going to, but none of this is correct. As for lack of abstinence, who is ANYONE to judge another person for their private, personal sex life? Abortion clinics are not only clear about the process (because they have to be, there’s a recovery period), but most are in places like Planned Parenthood which also offer services that give a woman more realistic options to keep a child, such as prenatal care. Insurance comapnies generally don’t offer prenatal care to women who are already pregnant, and there are major physical and emotional tolls that are avoided if the barely-formed fetus that is a few weeks old is let go. The main issue in the abortion argument is not YOUR personal opinion, it is that the personal opinion and experience of the woman who has to go through it needs to be respected. Hence the whole choice thing.

            • If you ban abortion, women will seek out back alley illegal clinics to get abortions that are completely unsafe. So technically, banning it will do more harm to the female population. I would actually really like to know where you get your facts from.

            • I read this three times and still can’t see how making abortions so accessible does more harm than good. Have you had an abortion? How do you know that the nurse/doctor answers “No,” when asked if it will hurt? I’m skeptical about most of your facts presented here. There are many women who later go on to get pregnant after having abortions, so I’m not sure where your miscarriage claim is coming from. More importantly, even if these things are true, they shouldn’t be the basis for abortion being illegal. These are all things that should be discussed between me and my doctor – and these discussions will only occur if abortion is easily accessible. Lots of things cause psychological problems. Taylor Swift, for example, drives me bonkers. I don’t think she should be illegal though. (Well…) Also, I’m unconvinced that a woman’s psyche is of much concern to you – or anyone else who opposes abortion. I’m not down for people patronizing me and assuming that I don’t know how to do my own research and how to best care for my body when really they oppose dead fetuses. Just say that.

  11. I have never discussed and shared an opinion whether it should or should not be included in any insurance in any country. I also have never shared any opinion that you or whoever it is should or should not use whatever you/they want to. Sorry, if you think that I am ‘disturbing’ your ‘learning’. All I wrote was a simple sentence with the purpose and point of the mentioned above medicine.

    • Right, I was asking where you got that information – that bc damages the endocrine system – so I could read about it. But you’re right, I can Google. Psh to discourse, right?

    • I know Ramou, and her question was sincere. I’m also curious as to the effect of hormone regulators on the endocrine system, actually, and I think Ramou was making a point that used your comment as a starting off point for a thought, not as a response to something that you said.

      • UPDATE: I Googled! And from my minimal research I think that in general endocrine damage on its own is bad, but there are some medications – like birth control – that intentionally cause some of the effects of endocrine damage. These would be “endocrine disruptors.” I think.

  12. People should not have to pay their hard-earned for other people to fool around and expect to not get pregnant. Honestly, that’s what sex is for!

    • To go along with your argument, I shouldn’t have to pay my hard-earned money for people to eat meat. Over $150 BILLION dollars a year is given to the meat industry by the government to subsidize costs. Meanwhile, I’m paying a ton for veggies and beans because the government chooses to subsidize those much less. However, I’m not going to stop paying taxes. For comparison, in 2009 Planned Parenthood received $360 million from the government. $150 billion versus $360 million. So, who should be more annoyed- you or me? However, it’s my choice what to eat just like it’s everyone else choice, and it is your choice what you do with your body in terms of sex and reproduction- as is should be everyone’s choice.

    • Ms. Eisenhauer: Are you aware that procreation is not the ONLY reason for sex? Here are some others: to express love, intimacy,to be close to another person, to experience pleasure. Furthermore, to insist that sex is only for procreation is to raise the spectre of the sexual double standard. No one expects men to remain chaste until they intend to make a baby. We would think it ludicrous to expect males to refrain from sex! But conservatives think nothing of demanding abstinence from women. Women have been utilizing birth control methods and devices since before written history. Hormonal birth control has only been available since the 1960s.

      As far as who pays for contraception, one main issue is whether the health insurance that a person pays premiums for should cover contraception. I fully expect that when a woman is paying health insurance premiums, her insurance should cover contraception, because it is a basic adjunct to women’s health. FYI, Insurance companies LOVE contraception because it prevents pregnancies, which are very expensive. And, unplanned pregnancies are even more expensive, because they have more complications, more pre-mature births, and more low birth-weight babies. Therefore, contraception actually SAVES everybody money. This is a public health issue, and not just an issue of whether you approve of someone’s sex life or not. Furthermore,the very nature of health insurance premiums is that they are based on the notion that many people pay into the insurance system, which then covers medical treatments that people need. Does it make me happy that people smoke and then get lung and heart disease and that my premiums are higher because of this? NO! But that’s how insurance works.

    • As stated above, in the article I’m not sure you read fully, birth control has far more uses than as a contraceptive. The issue of its coverage is not pertaining to its use with regard to sex, but to prevent and treat serious illnesses that affect the female reproductive system. I would also like to put out there that in the same way, viagra should not be covered by insurance policies when used to enhance the male sexual experience. I would love to hear people get as upset about that as they do about the contraceptives which can literally save a woman’s life from health conditions.

  13. Hormone pills are made up of artificial chemistry created hormones which damage the endocrine system.

    • Is this just a PSA? Or your reasoning for why it shouldn’t be covered under insurance? There are a number of medications with less than desirable side affects, but I appreciate the choice to weigh the pros and cons myself and make my own decision on whether or not to proceed with said medication. Also, I would like a cite to your assertion if that’s possible. I’m trying to learn here!

  14. Even better, Ms. Hogan, would be for those Republican men and women who do not support the misogynistic pronouncements of their party’s leaders to have the gumption to speak out against sexism and the double standard.

  15. If you wanted to “avoid the whole comment thread about attacking conservatives and Republicans” maybe you should have used a different picture.

    • I think it’s fair to point out that this aggression towards women via legislation has come almost exclusively from Republicans. As someone who supports stronger state government, I hate the fact that I can’t feel comfortable identifying as a Republican, because of this kind of law-making that so many of the party’s members are focused on. As I pointed out, it’s not that all Republicans are awful, misogynistic jerks. But with the number of loud and aggressive ones that do identify as such, they’re giving everyone else a bad name.

  16. What’s so surprising to me (and maybe it shouldn’t even be surprising anymore) is the complete lack of human compassion and empathy when it comes to this issue. I cannot wrap my mind around just totally and unabashedly not giving a sh*t about what happens to your neighbor, you know? How do you manage to do that? I’m also totally side-eyeing those who choose to focus on birth control as the one unnecessary prescription that shouldn’t be covered under insurance (let’s not even with people who want to get all – Pay for your own birth control!! – who are barely grasping the facts of the issue in the first place). Why birth control? I would appreciate anyone who can articulate why birth control shouldn’t be covered but everything else – ranging from Viagra to eczema cream – should be. Ugh. I’m exhausted.

    • I’m so effing tired of it being called birth control. It’s a multiple use hormone regulator that has more health and disease treatment uses than it does birth control uses. Even the medication that treats reproductive disorders and diseases in women, the focus is on the sex factor. SO OVER IT

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