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I will be the first one to admit it, I too jumped on the UGG bandwagon about 10 years ago when the classic furry boots were beyond trendy. I had a pair of caramel colored tall ones and wore them to death. But today, I say leave the furry classics for walking your dog and running to the supermarket because UGG Australia has had a facelift and their plastic surgeon is on point!

Don’t worry, you die hard classic lovers…those puppies are still available, but so are a line of gorgeous leather and suede boots, sandals and flats. I had no idea these existed! Seriously, who knew that UGG was more than just the classics? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?! WHO KNEW AND DIDN’T TELL ME?! (Sorry, I’m back.) The 9 below are some of my favorites with #3 literally melting my heart. The UGG Australia Fall 2012 line is inspired by the neighborhoods of New York City, while the UGG Collection (a higher-end line made in Italy) was inspired by music and musicians who rock.

Are you feeling the new UGG? Leave a comment below and sound off…which pair is your favorite?

UGG: Not Just Furry Boots Anymore


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  1. while i do love the shoes.. i wonder if u realise that the Ugg boot was & is australian general term for sheep skin boots & that the UGG australia is not australian?
    you can read more about it here :

  2. I’m diggin #6, too. Lovely!

  3. OMG! Somebody PLEASE send me #6!!!!! SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!