Tyra Banks' New Phrase, "Flawsome" is One We Should All Be Using

It alters our notions of perfection

Rather than altering yourself to fit the mold of “perfection,” change it. Actually, crush it and be flawsome. Believing in perfection is believing in falsity. One of the reasons why so many people struggle with their body image is because they believe there is a more “perfect” physical version of themselves that must be achieved. Unfortunately, perfection lives somewhere near Deception Island, Antarctica in the form of a small cloud. Even if you find a ladder tall enough to reach it, chances are, you still won’t know when you’ve arrived at your destination. Don’t put yourself through all that trouble when you’ve already got the goods!

By the way, Deception Island is a real place off the Antarctic Peninsula. I thought you should know.

There is one flaw that I cannot stand to love, and that is being your own worst critic. And while that is certainly a tough one to shake, just know you owe it to yourself to be kind. Now, go be flawsome. Let your friends know they’re flawsome, too.

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