Types Of Boyfriends That All Women Need To AvoidTorre Healy

Being a girl in this crazy dating arena is nearly impossible. Sometimes you feel like you are in the middle of The Hunger Games and just want to hide under a rock. Only problem is, you are not Katniss and a handsome tribute isn’t there waiting for you to fall in love with. For people who aren’t huge fans of The Hunger Games, I am basically saying: Dating is hard.

Sometimes the only thing that can get you through horrible dates with questionable men is laughter, and maybe a fierce red lip. Benefit understands that. They partnered with hilarious comedian, Sarah Colonna (of Chelsea Lately & NBC’s upcoming Life As I Blow It), to dish advice on the 4 worst types of boyfriends that all women need to avoid.


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  1. So funny. Luv it.