Twitter and Instagram Break Up; Can They Still Be Friends?

Sorry hipsters, Instagram isn’t a hidden app that’s only for iPhones! Instagram is a part of most people’s social media lives and they have it linked to their Facebook and Twitter. Heck, now you don’t need a phone or a social media platform to view Instagram images! I have a few friends who have closed their Facebook accounts and solely use Instagram for all their social media needs. Intense, right? If you’re like me, Twitter is where most of your time is spent. I’m usually either trying to get the attention of members of bands I love or trying to write hilarious tweets that will hopefully get illustrated.

I linked my Instagram to Twitter because it’s a lot more relaxed than Facebook, and Twitter is a land where statuses aren’t judged or hated on, they’re just forgotten, unless you’re a famous person. I was scrolling (stalking) my Twitter feed a few days ago and I tried opening Instagram links. To my surprise, the pictures wouldn’t open. THEY OPENED IN A NEW WINDOW. This completely disrupted my scrolling (stalking) groove because, come on, a new window? I don’t like change and you’re forcing this annoying change on me! I took a breath and realized everything will be okay. This is definitely a #firstworldproblem, as well as any other relatable hashtag you can think of.

We have to remember, Facebook purchased Instagram earlier this year, which means Twitter is gradually becoming that friend you slowly cut ties with because you’ve moved away. That handy “card” that would allow Instagram pictures to automatically open in a tweet has been removed, but it’s okay! It now sends you to and allows you to view the picture on a proper webpage. It also lets you like and comment on said picture. Handy, right? Now, you can even edit your Instagram profile from that webpage and move your photos around instead of only working from your phone screen.

Things happen for a reason, and if you step away and see the big picture, it’s literally JUST a picture. You can still take a picture on the ‘Gram and post it on every social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, foursquare, email). Everyone you want to see the awesome breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack/second breakfast/dessert or any other food you had, as well as nails/hair/outfits/shoes or any other fashion related thing you want to show off will still see it! I hardly use my Instagram anyway, but please follow HelloGiggles on there for all your creative nail design needs, as well as some extra adorable treats!

Image via AppAdvice