Twilight Doll SetRivka Rossi

Twilight Doll Set!

I mean, I obviously read all the Twilight novels and I obviously love and need this. If you are a real friend, you will get this for me and everyone you love. Also, you know what’s over? Saying you are over vampires.

Image via Etsy


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  1. Fantastic position right here. I essentially enjoyed what you needed to say. Continue to keep heading considering that you positively convey a different voice to this subject.

  2. im not sure that life gets any more awesome than this.
    twilight for life (or, at least until i grow up. which, lets face it, is highly unlikely).

  3. Preach! Who doesn’t love a good, juicy forbidden-love story? ;-)

  4. Thank you for not hating on Twilight! I pretty much loathe the movies, but nothing can touch the books. They will always have my heart <3

  5. is that kristen stewart? it’s great how they gave her some color.

  6. TEAR!!!!! I hate Twilight, BUT! as a true friend, I will try and get it for you…Mind you, I live in another country far far away….but I’ll try :)