Tweet of the Day

Tweet of the day

Actress/writer/comedian June Diane Raphael wrote this today and it made me really laugh. It’s so true – sometimes blow drying your hair really can really feel like a workout. June, who wrote Bride Wars with Casey Wilson, has a really funny Twitter feed but needs to write more often. We need more takes from the blow-dry queen! She is also married to funny man Paul Scheer. This girl has the life.

Follow June here: @msjunediane

  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    That is SO TRUE…it’s happened to me too! XD And I always like to do my makeup first so my hair can air dry for a little while, then I feel like I want to redo my entire face because I’m all sweaty! Ugh! The horror of looking fantabulous! lol

  • Katie Naugle

    Oh girl, I hear you! Why haven’t they invented a hair dryer / air conditioner yet?!

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