TV Love? Yes Please!

If you’ve ever been to a slumber party or read a Cosmo, you’ve likely been asked the question, “What’s your type?” Some gals are exclusively attracted to musicians or athletes. Others are into specific physiques or personalities. I, personally, have never really felt as though I had a specific type. However, it was recently pointed out to me that I, in fact, do have a type and that type is “fictional”.

My undying love of fictional men is problematic for a few reasons. You see, the thing that I find most attractive in a fictional fella’ is the undying love he has for his lady. These men make grand gestures and deliver romantic speeches. They give me unrealistic romantic expectations and then have the nerve to not even exist.

On that note, here are ten TV couples whose love has destroyed me.

1. Ben & LeslieParks & Recreation. This show is a comedy, a brilliant one at that, yet for weeks this fall I found myself crying during every episode. Watching Leslie and Ben being torn apart was painful. Then it all culminated in this gigantic scene in the smallest park and I wept like a baby. Their love is just too pure and perfect. This week they said, “I love you and I like you” to one another and I just about died of adorable overload.

2. Logan & Veronica, Veronica Mars. I was shipping Logan and V way before I knew what shipping was. He was damaged, yet strong, a jerk, yet sweet and perhaps most attractive to my fictional-loving heart was the fact that he seemed to have some the best lines of the series. I’m talking classics like, “Annoy tiny blonde one, annoy like the wind” and “No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.” Their first kiss on that motel balcony after he punches Jonathan Taylor Thomas? My goodness.

3. Chandler & Monica, Friends. Ross and Rachel are often thought of as the big Friends romance, but I was always more of a Monica and Chandler fan.  They were best friends, they knew each other really well and made fun of each other constantly. I tear up every time I watch “The One With The Proposal” when Monica says, “In all my life I never thought I would be so lucky as to fall in love with my best friend.” Their love has encouraged my aversion to dating. Why date when you can just marry your best friend?

4. Jim & Pam, The Office. Before there were Leslie and Ben there were Jim and Pam and they were my everything.  I could start listing off my favorite Jim and Pam moments, but that would be an article in and of itself. The way Jim loves Pam gives me warm fuzzies and hope. I also just really love it when TV couples high five, which they do a lot and it’s awesome.

5. Ned & Chuck, Pushing Daisies. Growing up I was repeatedly told, “Boys are only interested in one thing.” That thing was physical contact. So, when Pushing Daisies introduced a male character who could never touch the love of his life without killing her, I was hooked. He loved her so much that just being near her and occasionally kissing through saran wrap was enough. Also, pie.

6. Desmond & Penny, LOST. Of all the romances in this show, Desmond and Penny are by far my favorite. Desmond never stopped loving Penny and she never stopped searching for him. The scene where they finally talk on the phone after three years and promise to never give up… Demond, you can be my constant any day.

7. Luke & Lorelai, Gilmore Girls. While both Gilmore girls dated quite a few swoon-worthy fellas, Luke was my favorite from day one. When Luke and Lorelai finally get back together in the series finale (don’t get me started) he says, “I just like to see you happy” and I just want to kiss him . Also, he cooks and has coffee.

8. Bright & Hannah, Everwood. Before Chris Pratt was Andy Dwyer on Parks & Rec and Sarah Drew was April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy, they were Bright and Hannah on Everwood. Bright was the jock, prom-king-type guy and Hannah was the bookish, insecure, virgin. In one of the most romantic scenes I’ve ever seen, Bright locks Hannah in his bathroom and forces her to listen to how beautiful she is. He tells her to look in the mirror and “Keep looking until you face the truth that you are truly beautiful.” For every girl who has been told she’s smart or “pretty in other ways” watch this because it’s amazing and will probably never happen in real life.

9. Eric & Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights. If there were an awards show for TV couples, the Taylors would have swept the Best Married Couple category from 2006 to 2011. They’re the best. The problems they face are real and they deal with them through honesty and mutual respect. She goes to every game and he allows her to follow her dream. It was too hard for me to find a clip because there are so many Tami/Eric fan videos. At least I’m not alone in my obsession.

10. Lily & Marshall, How I Met Your Mother. Lily and Marshall have been together since college so they know pretty much everything about one another. The thing I envy the most about Lil and Marsh is how comfortable they are with one another. They tell each other just about everything, communicate telepathically and have all the same friends. I can’t think of anyone I could handle spending that much time with, but they make it seem easy and that’s why I love them. Also, more couple high fives.

Feature image is a screenshot from Parks & Recreation episode “In The Bubble” via

  • Marcela Sachini

    Love these couples! Specially numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8. I miss these shows so badly. Veronica Mars is my favourite but I also loved Everwood, Bright and Hannah had an amazing story.

  • Chelsea Jonkman

    THANK YOU for not forgetting Logan and Veronica! I am a huge VM fan, and three seasons of their “epic” romance was just not enough. Agreed also with Luke&Lorelai, Eric&Tammy and Bright&Hannah :) You picked some good ones!

  • Kayla Harmon

    I completely understand! I recently told my sister that my perfect man would be a mix of Doctor Watson, and Ned the pie maker. So far no luck in finding him. ha

  • Alyssa Christine Lladoc

    Same! I get sucked in with their love stories!:)

  • Shawnee Willis

    I am in love with how much Chuck and Ned love each other :) Ned is so cute and awkward, he is pretty much my ideal guy, but sadly he, like all the really wonderful guys, is fictional.

  • Kristin Lundgren

    I also cried when Ben and Leslie finally got together. Glad I’m not the only one.

  • Rachel Barth

    I have never loved anyone like I’ve loved Ben Wyatt. Human disaster, perfect human being. The Smallest Park is also only the second episode of anything to make me cry.

  • Santina Muha

    Totally! There was a period in HS when I would only date boys who reminded me of my favorite TV or Film characters. I never did find my Jordan Catalono………

  • Ellie Hansen

    I feel the exact same way! Logan, Luke, Jim and Marshall are probably my favorites. Jim was the first one in the episode Casino Night. Ughh…Love it! He will always be my first real tv crush.

  • Hailey Case

    I’m totally in love with Bones and Booth! Booth is so sweet and protective and basically perfect…and fictional.
    Logan always makes me cringe a little in V Mars….but then he has redeeming moments in. every. episode.
    But I HAVE to agree about Luke and Lorelai:) Nothing cuter than that on tv nowadays!

  • Caroline Jeffery

    You know the BEST part about Monica and Chandler? If you go back and watch basically all their interactions before they hooked up in London, it’s like HELLLO HOW DID THIS NOT HAPPEN SOONER THEY ARE CLEARLY MADE FOR EACH OTHER. A good example: when Chandler gets dumped Monica is his shoulder to cry on. There is also a random scene where they’re both sitting awkwardly cramped in an armchair, but I’m not using that as evidence, I’m more just commenting on how ridiculous it was for two grown people to squeeze into one armchair. I mean, sit one on the floor if you need them in the same shot!!

  • Emily Huth

    “Desmond, you can be my constant any day” -cracking up! So in agreement, he was one handsome man.

    Super agree with Veronica and Logan, are we ever going to get a reunion movie!? Someone in Hollywood get Bell on the phone now to solve this.

    Can I add the 10th Doctor and Rose to the list? Their story brings me to tears every time!

  • Beatriz Leal Craveiro

    Ooohhh Everwood! I guess I’m still waiting of someone who will do that for me… They won’t, right?

  • Asha Galindo

    Desmond and Penny!!!!!
    Monica and Chandler too, I’m a Friends fanatic and I am a huge Ross/Rachel fan, but I love that in the beginning of s4 Monica tells Chandler he can never be her bf because he will always “be the guy that peed on me” and by the end of the same season they’re hooking up in London. How can you not? MFEO.

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