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So in News That Delights Me (an actual news category), Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are engaged.  Could there be a more perfect couple than Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen?  I think not, to the extent that I secretly fear their entire relationship is staged just to make cynics like me think that adorable romances actually happen.  Anyway, I considered writing about who would hook up at the imaginary Seth and Blair wedding, but I’ve kind of already done that.  Instead, I’m going to talk about some of my other dream pairings – television crossovers that I really wish would happen.

Veronica Mars visits Rosewood

Let’s face it, Rosewood, PA is not a place you want to live.  People are getting murdered pretty much once a season, and the incompetent police department seems to do very little about it besides arresting the same group of pretty little lying teenage girls (it doesn’t help that half those cops are corrupt and also dating teenage girls).  The solving of small town crimes seems to be left to high school students, so if they ever really wanted to get to the bottom of things things, they should bring in the original high school detective – Ms. Veronica Mars.  If the show had gotten a fourth season and Veronica had joined the FBI, I think she would have been the perfect detective to figure out who killed Allison DiLaurentis (if, in fact, anyone killed Alison). Also, I would really like to hear Veronica’s classic snarky take on one of Aria’s outfits.

Sydney Bristow has a heart-to-heart with Olivia Pope

I think we can all agree it’s not easy being Olivia Pope.  Your boyfriend is married (and also the president), your dad is evil, and the mother you thought was dead turns out not to be.  You don’t have anyone to talk to about it, because no one else has ever gone through anything like this – or have they?  Sydney would be visiting DC on some sort of CIA business, and could take Olivia out for a glass of wine and maybe some popcorn, where he’d explain that it is possible to have a life even though your emotionally distant father is a super spy and your mom may or may not have been working for the bad guys. The point is, you’re still awesome. Hopefully Syd could also slap some sense into Olivia and convince her to get with Jake, since Fitz is the worst.

Mindy Lahiri shops with Hannah Horvath

So I’ve finally started watching Girls, and it’s growing on me.  What isn’t growing on me is Hannah’s wardrobe.  I would love to see her in something that fits correctly and is flattering, which is why I’d like to see an episode where Hannah gets a new gynecologist, one Dr. Mindy Lahiri.  Mindy’s outspoken enough that she’d say something to Hannah about how horrified she was a the potato sack she was wearing, and then immediately offer to take her shopping to find her something brightly colored and correctly fitted.  Mindy would then brag to all of the other doctors about how she had a cool new 20-something friend from Brooklyn, and then would last about half an hour at a party with Hannah and her friends before fleeing back to Manhattan.

C.J. Cregg goes to Pawnee

With Rob Lowe leaving, it seems like the perfect time for another West Wing alum to visit the best town in Indiana.  C.J. would have written a memoir about her years in the White House, and Leslie would meet her at a book signing.  I’m pretty sure these two would hit it off, and maybe C.J. could stick around for a few episodes to mentor Leslie in how to be awesome at politics.  Also, these two could totally run for pres and VP in 2016 if my other favorite fictional presidential ticket (Fey-Poehler) doesn’t work out.

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  1. I like that Hannah wears whatever she wants. Who cares if you don’t have the right body type for a certain fashion, it’s not hurting anyone if you just wear whatever you like!

  2. Sydney Bristow is a girl.

  3. Seth Cohen visits every show on air right now, because Adam Brody isn’t on my TV screen enough.
    Also, I’ve never liked Leighton Meester, mostly because she looks so much like Minka Kelly, and I always feel let-down that she isn’t Minka Kelly. It’s like they’re pulling a bait-and-switch. Why aren’t they both Minka Kelly?
    Shawn Spencer & Burton Guster should get hired by all the PDs on the darkest and grimmest crime drama procedurals for a touch of levity. And if we’re playing in-network, Psych and White Collar should crossover so all my favorite people are in the same place.
    I know Almost Human just started, but I could see that crossing over with Orphan Black and being awesome. Robots and clones! Hell yes.
    I would like Bones and New Girl to do a crossover. I know Zooey played Brennan’s cousin on an old episode of Bones, but I want that to not have happened. I want them to be sisters in-universe, and have an episode of each where they have to deal with their polar opposite sibling. Zooey being twee all over a crime scene, and Bones being all serious and literal in the madness of the loft while Schmidt hits on her relentlessly.

    I am now relentlessly dreaming of scenarios that will never come to be. Especially ones involving shows that have long since been cancelled. This is a sadmaking, though fun, exercise.

  4. I’d go with either Parks & Rec travel to Portlandia or Fred and Carrie visit Pawnee