Slideshows Turtle Power…I Like Turtles Eliza Hurwitz

Recently, I was walking with my friends and we came across two turtles. They were snapping turtles and they were laying eggs. We were able to get pretty close to them and it was awesome. I’ve never seen a turtle up close like that before. They look pre-historic. It’s cool to think that turtles were around when the dinosaurs were.

It is now my dream to have a pet turtle. I just feel like it’s the closest I’ll ever get to owning and being friends with an actual dinosaur. I would name it Dino, short for Dinosaur. If it worked out with Dino I would then get four more turtles and name them after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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  1. For as long as I can remember, my family has had tortoises. The number started at 2 before I was born, but now that I’m 28 we have 5 in tow. One we raised from when he was the size of a silver dollar and has grown to the equivalent of a quart of ice cream. Another had been around since I was 2, and I remember how my dad’s voice choked up when he called to say he had died (he was over 80 yrs old by then… the tortoise, not my dad). The newest addition, a sulcata who was a rescue from a zoo, weighs 80 lbs and eats a head of cabbage a day but still jostles into the burrow that his smaller counterparts have constructed. His back side hangs out, but he seems to prefer the camaraderie enough forgo his own doghouse. They are living heirlooms that can be passed from one generation to the next, admittedly the rare kind of antique that’s upkeep requires copious amounts of lettuce and a sunny garden, but like vintage photographs can be boxed up for safe keeping in the garage during damp weather (turtles hibernate in winter). While they will never snuggle with you in bed or save you from drowning, there is a special kind of love that comes from the way they close their eyes in contentment while getting their chin scratched. The turtle smile.

  2. I have two turtles. A Russian Tortoise that we are currently renaming, and a leopard tortoise named Buddah. I think turtles are the coolest pet next to dogs.
    The russian will only get about 8inches in diameter, but the leopard tortoise can get up to 45lbs, not sure what diameter. But right now Buddah is a tiny baby. It’s going to be so great seeing them grow for my whole life. You should really get a turtle!